[ARTICLE] FoCuS: It doesn't matter if I am not famous. Just remember, I used to play Warcraft III, and I really love this game.

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Half an hour from the rehearsal, FoCuS ended his training in Cyber Cafe and rushed to the cafe for an interview. In the just-concluded NeXT Winter Warcraft III, FoCuS successfully escaped from the big killer, Moon with his dazzling performance, we need to know that in this patch, Moon is almost invincible. In the game, we saw FoCuS played with Shadow Hunter first, and Tinker second, then he went to push Moon's expansion with the Serpent Wards, although he failed in that fight, he still played very patiently, and successfully knocked down Moon main base and won the game.

The moment Moon typed out GG, the camera turned to FoCuS, his smile was like sunshine.

"He told me before the game that he had a confidence to played against Night Elf on TS." 120 was grinning next to him.

"You may not believe it. When I started playing Warcraft, I started with the Human." FoCuS was like a big boy. "But after the release of the Frozen Throne, I turned to the Orc, because I especially like to use the speed scroll to run the whole army, the feel is really good."

"My training goal is to win the championship in every game, whether it is winning 120 previously or winning Moon this time, maybe it is incredible in your eyes, but in my opinion, I was pretty fully prepared before the game, so after winning, there is a feeling of getting what you want."

In the minds of Warcraft players, FoCuS is a very hard-working player. He will try to play in the every big tournament and minor cup. He won 46 championships in Z Cup (a famous European weekly tournament, held 322 times), currently, many champions of some minor cups are also included in the FoCuS

"I can make a little money for my family. On the other hand, it is also good to maintain the state with the competition." FoCuS also pointed out that in recent years, the Warcraft III prizes are not enough to support his life. "Fortunately, I still have some savings. In addition, I am very grateful to my wife. She will also go out to work to make money to support our family." FoCuS is very optimistic.

In South Korea, the number of audiences who care about Warcraft III is not huge but is very demanding for players. After WGL summer in 2018, the poor performance of FoCuS made him attacked by many audiences on the Korean forum. He could not help but write a letter of apology with the incomprehensible feelings of others. "At that time, I would only stay at home, I don't know how to deal with this. I will feel bad when I look at the forum."

Soon after, I figured out that this was originally part of what professional players should bear. I will try to do some fitness and outdoor sports to divert attention. Recently, I am also learning piano, music makes people happy. These activities make me not care too much about those attacks, and pay more attention to my own training.

When I mentioned Soin, who was not performing well today, FoCuS had great confidence to this younger player: "he was too nervous, I believe he is a skillful player. This is his third time to be in offline, right? And he just graduated this year, before that, his studies were very hardy and he often faced exams. I think after this year, Soin should have more time to prepare and adjust his mindset, he will beyond me in the future."

When I asked him what he thought about the Reforged Edition, FoCuS thought about it and raised his hand to help the glasses. "For me, I still think and practice constantly. It is a good thing for the environment to be better."

"But for me, preparing for tomorrow's game is more meaningful." As always, he is humility and low-key.

"I will try my best."

He turned his head and looked out the window, the sky darkened, and the lights lit up. The light of this flower city made this city look like it was during the day.

We may look at the star players who are particularly good like Moon and Lyn, however, we can't ignore the senior players like FoCuS, they strive to bring the brightest game to the audience, and they are reluctant to disappoint fans and audience.

"It doesn't matter if I am not famous. Just remember, I used to play Warcraft III, and I really love this game."

The last sentence of FoCuS makes my eyes moist.

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