[PREVIEW] Who is Moon's biggest opponent in WGL offline?

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When the golden leaves are all over the street, when we are counting down the December, we know that WGL Winter and those battles are coming soon.

A lot of audiences predict that Moon will get the champion in this time, let's have a preview together.

0 champion in GCS, can Moon break the curse?

Moon played in GCS for five times, and his best result is third place. In the last three times, Moon was eliminated in the Group Stage for two times.

In the last few years, Moon won the title of PGL, however, this is the only title in all of the offline tournaments for Moon since 2015 when Moon came back from duty.

We know Moon is a great player, but the audiences always want Moon to get better result, he wants it as well. Every year, we ask if Moon can win the championship.

Moon didn't win the champion in WCG, but he still has the chance for WGL's title.

Big improvement in patch 1.30

On GCS history, Moon defeated by 120 twice, and defeated by Fly twice. If you ask who can defeat Moon in patch 1.28 and 1.29, we could have a long list: 120, Fly, Lyn, FoCuS, TH000, Infi......On the other hand, NE vs Orc is the weakness of Moon, even though when he was facing Xiaokk or Soin, Moon won by a narrow margin.

Since we have the patch 1.30, with the strategy with KOG, Huntresses and expansion, NEs are dominating the game against Orc, this patch even forced FoCuS tried some weird strategies to win, like Tower Rush in Tier 1. Furthermore, 120 became the disadvantaged site when he plays against Moon, whether in the Clan War and W league, we saw that 120 had no solution to play against Moon in this patch.

The opponents are falling down in this patch, will Moon create the legend again?

Moon is still having hidden danger on the road to champion

Whether the caster, audiences and players, most of them think that Moon will be the champion if he plays safely and without huge mistake. However, Moon is a player that always make mistake, for example: the creeps killed by the trees or Lighting Shield, Ancient of War dead in Creeps Camp, unnecessary hero dead, forgot using the staff.

Do you remember the game that Moon vs Fly on Turtle Rock? The Ancient of War was killed by the creeps in the opening, this was a really unnecessary mistake. We always say NE players were the actors and they were showing the mistake, in this aspect, Moon was more terrible so much than Zhouxixi and Colorful.

Besides, Moon is 32 years old, the schedule is a big challenge for an old player. First, he has to keep his physical strength and concentration well in the games, but the players have five BO3 games in a day during the Group Stage.
Second, if Moon was defeated by Infi, he has to won all the rest of the games, but Sonik and Zhouxixi are good players in NE mirror, if Moon really did some big mistakes, the road to the champion would become harder so much.

Infi and TH may be the biggest opponent

Since Blizzard released patch 1.30, a lot of people said Human became a weak race, Infi and TH changed their race to play in games, Chaemiko and Sok became the background of poster, the most powerful race became a target of others.

However, Infi's talk may be the crucial point in this time, Human might be playing a chess with a big strategy. We may not see the Human in sight, but Infi and TH are discussing and researching the strategy themselves, and they didn't let the others get the replays and references, and they will keep it until the offline tournament, what a big plan by Human players!

**Video of Infi's talk

I love this style

When we recall the game in the month race that Infi won against Moon with Blood Mage, Alchemist, Riflemen, Mortal Teams with single Gold Mine, we may know that Human are very strong when they find out the method and strategy to counter against NE. In the coming offline tournament, we have no idea how Infi and TH will play against Moon, and this may be the huge troubles for Moon. How should Moon do against the strategy that he has no idea?

On the other hand, the player who has the same race with Moon, Lawliet, he also becomes better in this patch. In the last 14 games, Lawliet is having minor advantage with resulting 8 wins and 6 losses. In patch 1.30, Lawliet is the only player that won Moon for twice. We have a lot of choice and strategies in NE mirror, anything will be possible in their games.

It's about fate and destiny, so we just need to do our best. It's what we can say in the conclusion.

We hope Moon get the champion and create the legend again, even though this is not easy.


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