[NEWS] Who's the predicting king? Let's see the casters' choices

Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

WGL Winter will start at Nov 28th, and there are 24 players will play for the champion. Recently, NetEase organized a event, and ask the casters and commentators to vote who will be qualified from the Group Stage and become the best 8 in this tournament, the caster(s) with most correct predictions will get the limited edition prizes from the official and let them to give their fans, and the prizes are:

-Limited edition WGL coat with champion signature X1
-Limited champion race exclusive avatar on platform X8

Nov 28th to Dec 8th, let's watch the games and see which caster has the best prediction
(雪妍 Snowkiss, 桥林 Qiaolin)

Here is the summary about the prediction,

1. All of them think Infi and 120 will be qualified.

2.In the group of death(Group A), TH000 got 5 votes with the highest votes, and the second goes to Foggy and Lyn with 4 votes, Xun voted for the player who play the same race, WFZ, the situation of Group A is so intense.

3. In Group B, Fly and Colorful got 4 votes, and Lucifer got 6 votes, seems most of them are confidence in Lucifer.

4. Moon didn't get all votes, B2W voted for the Sonik, maybe they think Sonik is stronger than Moon.

Which caster has the same answer with you?


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