120 vs Fly100% on NetEase Ladder

GLH_Aragorn: The Items and Skills with "chances"(like Bash, Critical Strike) make the games more interesting and dramatic, however, these also make the players play with a really bad situation sometimes, even though they didn't make any mistake, how should we do with these? This is a really good question.

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

The King of Lost Temple, the last battle for Crown Title, this game will be play in tonight at 7pm (GMT +8), TeD+Hainiu vs Xiaokai+MengMeng!

Two days ago, TeD and Hainiu was defeated by 120 and Xiaokk, they were so close to the champion of Turtle Rock? We believe they will try their best to hold their Crown tonight!

**The players had some personal problems to solve, and both team agreed to postpone the game, so the game will play tonight.


8th Jan 2019, 19:00 (GMT+8)

Match Up
TeD+Hainiu vs Xiaokai+Mengmeng


BO3 for the Crown Title.

10,000 yuan

About TKOM:
The King of Maps (TKOM) is a new tournament series sponsored by Mr.Sun, and hosted by War3station. The tournament's goal is to find out who the best players on a certain map is. This tournament was first introduced on 16 October. The top players on NetEase as well as other profession players fight for the prizes and the title "The King of Maps".

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