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Remark [1] by GLH: Wargee is the company of War3station.

The W-League first season playoffs which hosted by War3station will be officially launched from May 11th to May 12th. The top 8 players who from China and South Korea will gather in Shanghai to compete for the title and 100,000 CNY.

The fascinating regular season had ended, and the playoffs, the more brutal battles have been raging. On the battle field, the wind is rising and the heroes are competing. In patch 1.30, the Night Elves swept and dominated on almost every battle field, and Moon was the leader who lead Night Elves became the king of this patch; TH000 and Infi, they was staying on the field with their switching race ability; 120&Lyn, the former kings was reluctantly holding in this war. Can the Chinese keep the championship in China? Will the Night Elves continue their dominating? All of these question will be solved in the playoffs.

W league playoffs will open for audiences to watch the game in the hall, please pay attention to our website, CNwar3. (Link: https://www.cnwar3.com/)

Schedule and Format:

Date: 11th May to 12th May, 2019

Format: Bo5(Best of 5) and Single Elimination, Grand Final will be Bo7.

The top 6 of the Super league and the first two players of the first division, a total of eight players will compete for the final championship.

(SL stand for Super League, FD stand for First Division, SL 1 means the first in Super League)
SL 1 vs FD 2
SL 2 vs FD 1
SL 3 vs SL 6
SL 4 vs SL 5


The 33-year-old Moon step on the offline journey once again. This legendary veteran will always bring us many incredible games. Will he still be the king again in this time?

In the regular season, 120 is the most dazzling star, but recently his stape can only be described as bad. In the playoffs, what kind of skill will 120 show to us?

There are only few people think that Lawliet will advance to the playoffs with a runner-up (his score less than 120 only!). This low-key killer has always lacked a major championship. Will he dream come true inthis time?

We have three Chinese and five Koreans, can TH000, Infi, 120 overcome the number of disadvantages, and keep the championship in China?

The playoffs without suspense will be very boring, and who will be the big black horse in this playoffs? Is it Sok, who is in a very good shape and defeated Fly 100% recently? Or is it the old-fashioned player, Lucifer? Can Lyn break through the barriers and break the monopoly of the Night Elves?

Conclusion: Let us be the witnesses of history together

If the regular season is more like an exhibition game, then the playoffs are the real war, there will be only one player can stay on the stage until the last moment. These eight players will catch the fight until they decide the only championship.

Compared to the results, the process of going through it is much more interesting, from the first round of the playoffs, to the Semi Finals, the Grand Finals, witnessing the birth of the championship, this is a wonderful journey. W League, let us be the witnesses of history!

About W league

W-League is a Warcraft 3 brand event hosted by Wargee, the company of War3station. The contest is based on the slogan "WOW! Pay your Enthusiasm for Wargee!", aiming to create a high-level Warcraft tournament for Warcraft fans and audiences.

The event is divided into two stages, regular season with online and playoffs with offline. In the playoffs, the top eight players from the regular season will gather to compete for the final championship.

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