Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Fast Cup is hosted by Fast and sponsored by War3 fans. They hope they can activate War3 atmosphere, and give a platform for the hardworking players. This tournament might not look grand and brilliant, but they still hope they can make a little contribution to the game they love.

Thank 军老板, 无趣男,奕老板, 李太祖, 鹰皇娱乐 and other fans for supporting the game, because of you, this game is still alive, and it will be great again in this year!

If you want to sponsor this tournament, please contact Fast.
QQ: 2519552126

Famous player:

5th Jan to 6th Jan: Ro32, Ro16 (The players will play themselves)
6th Jan 19:00: Ro8
7th Jan: Semi Finals and Grand Finals

Champion: 1,500 yuan
Runner-up: 500 yuan
Third Place: 400 yuan
Fourth Place: 300 yuan each
5th-8th Place: 100 yuan each

Total: 3,300 yuan

Contact Fast with QQ: 2519552126
Group Chat: 684539177


Before Grand Final: BO3(Best of 3), Single Elimination
Match for Third: BO3
Grand Final: BO5


Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Tonight, we will have the games for Echo Isles. Meanwhile, we have 4 Night Elves in the Round of 8, they are Colorful, CooLXian, Foggy and Life, we believe all of them are the big threats to Lucifer. Currently, Lucifer has been holding his Crown for 2 months, can he still hold the Crown to the end?

Additionally, the Battle of Crown Title for all maps (Lost Temple, Turtle Rock, Echo Isles) will be play at 6th Jan 19:00(GMT+8).
The games will be:
LT: Xiaokai+Mengmeng(美少女萌萌) vs Hainiu+TeD
TR: 120+Xiaokk vs Hainiu+TeD
EI: The winner tonight vs Lucifer



Maps: Echo Isles

5th Jan 2019, 19:00 (GMT+8)

BO1 (Best of 1), the winner gets the chance to challenge the king for the Crown Title.
BO3 for the Crown Title.

Previous Tournament Winner: Lucifer

Championship: 10,000 yuan
Single competition:
Champion: 3000 yuan
Runner-up: 2000 yuan
Third place: 1000 yuan

[1]Remark by GLH: The prize of Championship is for the last winner in the battle of Crown Title.
The prizes of Single Competition belong to the players who play in the elimination part.

About TKOM:
The King of Maps (TKOM) is a new tournament series sponsored by Mr.Sun, and hosted by War3station. The tournament's goal is to find out who the best players on a certain map is. This tournament was first introduced on 16 October. The top players on NetEase as well as other profession players fight for the prizes and the title "The King of Maps".

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

When Fly was using Night Elf, he won a Night Elf player (Top 100 on Ladder), a Orc player (Top 30 on Ladder) and PCG, and he won and got a 4 winning streak easily.

This is amazing, Night Elf!

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