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Translator: GLH

Perhaps you are already a father, and you have been unable to play because of your family.
Perhaps you turn to play other games, and the Warcraft III server has been placed in the recycle bin.
Perhaps you are still a newbie, and occasionally go to play against the A.I.
Perhaps you have never touched, but you remember those IDs.

"Fight for your youth again! The classic will never be down!" In this summer, the battle is rekindled.
The players are still playing, will you still watch their performances?

Warcraft III H&W China vs Korea Masters will kick off on 6th May, with 300,000 yuan prize pool. 16 great masters from China and Korea are ready to go for H&W! The forever classic, Moon vs TH000! The Orc mirror and Night Elf mirror! Will the new players rise in this tournament? Or the veterans are still dominating the game? Let watch the games together by the time!

Group Stage

6th May-Group A

14:00 RW.Infi vs LF.Soin
16:00 LF.Soin vs Newbee.Lyn
20:00 LP.Coloful vs Newbee.Lyn

7th May-Group B

14:00 Newbee.eer0 vs Linguagua
16:00 Linguagua vs mTw.Michael
20:00 mTw.Michael vs LP.FoCuS

8th May-Group C

14:00 Chaemiko vs RW.Life
16:00 Newbee.LawLiet vs Chaemiko
20:00 RW.Fly100% vs Newbee.LawLiet

9th May-Group D

14:00 SiL.HuG vs RW.TH000
16:00 SiL.HuG vs SoK
20:00 RW.TH000 vs Moon

10th May-Group A

14:00 LP.Colorful vs RW.Infi
16:00 LF.Soin vs LP.Colorful
20:00 RW.Infi vs Newbee.Lyn

13th May-Group C

14:00 RW.Fly100% vs RW.Life
16:00 RW.Fly100% vs Chaemiko
20:00 Newbee.Lawliet vs RW.Life

14th May-Group B

14:00 Linguagua vs LP.FoCuS
16:00 Newbee.eer0 vs LP.FoCuS
20:00 mTw.Michael vs Newbee.eer0

15th May-Group D

14:00 SoK vs Moon
16:00 SiL.HuG vs Moon
20:00 RW.TH000 vs SoK

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