Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

The Warcraft III H&W China vs Korea Masters, a tournament hosted by Spider E-sports and officially licensed by Netease and Blizzard will hit by 6th May 6th to 26th May. By the time, 16 top players such as Moon and Infi will assemble in the H&W China vs Korea Masters. As we know, Warcraft III has been in business for 17 years since its launch, even though we have seen all kinds of popular e-sports games, but they can't shake the our past and amazing memories.

This tournament still stick with the theme of "China vs Korea", additionally, we will have 16 players (8 Chinese and 8 Korean) and they will compete and play through the group stage and elimination stage for the title. It is reported that the finals will be held in offline, which means we can see these Warcraft III Legend in the offline tournament by the time.

Regarding the invitations to the tournament, we believe that there will not be much controversy, you may look at the Ranking of Points system, we believe you will understand.

In the previous two tournaments of China vs Korea, China ended in failure. Will the addition of newcomers such as HuG and Linguagua change the result? Let the game tell us the answer.

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