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1. Life will continue to play for RW.
2. Lyn stopped Infi's winning streak against him.
3. Infi vs eer0 for the H&W offline!

Life will continue to play for RW.

At 23:59 yesterday, Team RW response about Life officially on Weibo. Here is their statement and translations.

Team RW's Weibo

(Translated by GLH)

"Description of RW Club Warcraft Division Player"
On 20th May , our Warcraft III Player, Life chose to abstain after winning the chance of NeXT Warcraft III offline. During this period, Life was impulsive because of public opinion pressure, and this made him reveal the idea of retirement and termination of the contact in the social platform.

On 21st May, after many communications, both sides hasa confirmed that Life will continue to represent RW Club to play in the Warcraft III pro-scene. For the adverse impact of the incident to the club, we will deduct the salary of Life of this month to show disciplinary action. We hope that Life can withstand the pressure to play its due strength in the following tournaments.

Lyn stopped Infi's winning streak against him. 

Yesterday evening, we had the Winner Bracket Final and Loser Bracket Semi Final of H&W Masters, Group Stage 2, Group A. Before this game, Infi's Night Elf was having 100% win rate against Orcs!

We can see that Lyn tried many different strategies in the game, especially in the second set, he even played with SH first and Pit Lord second!

In the second set, Lyn let his SH learned Serpent Ward and Hex before level 4. This could let your DPS became higher, but at the same time, this also made him no healing in the fight. However, the Most Valuable Item was gotten by Lyn, the Healing Ward. Without this item, Lyn might have lost the second round probably.

Infi made a huge mistake

In the third game, Infi had a small advantage in the early game actually. However, if the Night Elves want to win the Orcs in the big fight, the Night Elves should have higher supply in the fight. In the last fight of the game, Infi was supply stuck! In the 50-50 supply fight, Infi's Night Elf couldn't hold for long, and he typed out GG at last.

Infi vs eer0 for the H&W offline! 

Tonight(22nd May, GMT+8), we will continue H&W Masters! Since Infi was defeated by Lyn yesterday, he have to face eer0 in the game tonight, the winner will advance to the offline, and the loser will get dropped from H&W. 

For the second game, we will have Life vs Moon, one of them is a rising star of Night Elf, and Moon is the Legendary Night Elf. Can Life stand and hold the game after all of the incidents? Or Moon will keep his winning streak in Night Elf Mirror? Let's wait and watch the game!