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About H&W China vs Korea Masters

This tournament is hosted by the leading e-sports company in China, Spider e-sports, and officially authorized by NetEase, Blizzard, and it will be held from 6th May to 26th May. By the time, the 16 great masters will be at the battle field and fight for the honor and title of the H&W China vs Korea Masters.

We are going to have luxury lineups.

For Chinese players, we will have not only Infi, TH000, Fly100% the veterans, but we also have Linguagua, HuG, Life, 120, Colorful the up coming talents. For Korean players, we are also assembling Moon, FoCuS, Soin, Lucifer, Sok, Chaemiko, Lyn, LawLiet. At that time, there will be a exciting battle between the Chinese and the Korean, let's who will be the winner of the 300,000 yuan?

It is a symbol of the e-sports history, a symbol that carries the memories of countless players.

A symbol in the past does not mean that people will forget about it, it could become a whole new beginning of a new era. As the favorite RTS game for the Chinese, Warcraft III has been in business for 17 years. Even though the e-sports is dominated by the MOBA games, Warcraft III still maintains its unique charm.

We are the witnesses and heroes of the progress of Warcraft III.

For the Warcraft III fans who have passed through that era, the various and popular e-sports games today will not shake the memories. When we are reviewing our memories, there are a lot of legendary players I loved in my mind. These players are the witnesses and heroes of the progress of Warcraft III, their performance will be remembered as an eternal classic, and their glory and honor are passed down to this day.

Since the release of patch 1.30, the games have become more intense, more difficult to predict, and more interesting. Whether a long-time veteran or a rising star, he will do his best to express himself and strive to play 100% strength in the game . Let us wait for the next classic battle!

Particular thanks

Thank you to Huya, Douyu for the live broadcast of the event, as well as the support of War3station, CNwar3, Laoyuedog, Sina E-sports, DoNews, NGA, Pacific Game Network, multi-play games, replay.net, 178 and other medias. At the same time, you can log on to the official website of the event www.zhizhudj.com to see more about the event. On 6th May, let us witness the road of the King of Warcraft III.


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RW.Infi, RW.TH000, RW.Fly100%, RW,Life, Linguagua, SiL.HuG, Newbee.eer0, LP.Colorful.
Moon, LF.Soin, Sok, LP.FoCuS, Chaemiko, mTw.Lucifer, Newbee.Lyn, Newbee.Lawliet.

Format:Group Stage: Round Robin and Best of 3, and the first two players from each group will advance to the next stage.
Round of 8: Double Elimination
Semi Final: Best of 3
Grand Final: Best of 5

Schedule(GMT+8):(Starts at 14:00 every day)
Group A: 6th May and 10th May
Group B: 7th May and 13th May
Group C: 8th May and 14th May
Group D: 9th May and 15th May

Round of 8: 19th May to 23rd May, starts at 18:00 and 20:00
Semi Final: 25th May
Grand Final: 26th May

Prize Pool:Total: 300,000 yuan
Championship: 100,000 yuan
Runner-up: 80,000 yuan
Third Place: 50,000 yuan
Fourth Place: 30,000 yuan
5th to 8th Place: 10,000 yuan

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