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On the evening of 17th April (GMT+8), the brackets of WCG2019 China Online Qualifier was officially released. The 778 contestants were divided into 8 groups and play for the quota of offline event. By that time, the first place of each group will advance to the China Regional Finals in Xi'an.

Full brackets:

When we are looking on the brackets, we guess some of the players will be so happy but some of them will be so upset, TH000 and Fly are in the same group, 120 and Life are in the same group, and that is only one of them can advance to the offline event, by the way, it's Bo1 game, it's really cruel enough. TeD, who just came back is deeply immersed in the group of death, he is same group with Colorful, Bo, HuG, FQQ and others, we believe the journey of TeD is destined to be full of thorns.

In addition, Yumiko, who has been away from Warcraft III for a long time has also returned to this tournament. There are many good players in the same group, including Zhouxixi, Suns, Sini and Fast. In history, many players have staged a good show of "Coming back from retiring and win the championship", will Yumiko create the miracle again?

Famous players list

Group A: TH000, TBC_BM, Fly100%, 平成歌姬, angline
Group B: Life, eer0, 无道
Group C: 生者(14sui), Zhouxixi, Suns, SuperBT, ice orc, Fast, Sini, Yumiko
Group D: Xiaokai, WFZ, Mango
Group E: Xiaokk, ForDream
Group F: HuG, TeD, CooLXian, FQQ, Colorful, Bo
Group G: Xun, Linguagua
Group H: Infi, pcg123

Group analysis

The most interesting topic after the draw of grouping is of course the emergence of the "death group". Which players unfortunately entered the group of death, and who are being in this group of death, will be the hottest topic before the games.

Group of death, it usually has two modes: first, strong players get together, there are two to three top players in a group; second, this group of players are having similar strength, the probability for them to advance are also similar.

For this qualifiers, Group A, Group B, Group C and Group F are the groups of deaths definitely. In Group A, there are TH000 and Fly100%; in Group B,there are Life and 120; in Group C and Group F are a group of good players, all of them are very likely to qualify.

The situation of other groups is relatively clear. Of course, it's Bo1 tournament, and it also played with designated map, so we believe everything is possible.


Group A: TH000
Group B: 120
Group C: Yumiko
Group D: WFZ
Group E: Xiaokk
Group F: TeD
Group G: Linguagua
Group H: Infi


April 20 - May 26

Group A: 20th April, 10:00-14:30
Group B: 20th April, 14:00-17:30
Group C: 20th April, 17:00-18:30 & 21st April, 10:00-11:30
Group D: 21st April, 11:00-15:30
Group E: 21st April, 15:00-17:30
Group F: 21st April, 17:00-18:30 & 27th April, 10:00-13:30
Group G: 27th April, 13:00-16:30
Group H: 27th April, 16:00-18:30

Bo1 and single elimination, the finals of the Group will be BO3, the first place in each group will advance to the China regional finals

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Map Pool

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