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Once, Infi was the pride of China's Warcraft 3. In WCG2009, he won the championship and this let him stood on the peak of China's Warcraft 3 and even the China's e-sports. However, after a series of incidents in 2018, Infi became the target of many people.

You might have 10,000 reason to hate Infi, but you only need a single reason to like him. Me may have 2 talented Random Players, a few great Human Players, even more than a dozen World Champions, but we have only one Infi in this world.

How does Infi think about the incidents in 2018 and the upcoming year, a big year of Warcraft? Let me take you down with you.

Q: You have won the final of Super WGL and the most popular players of the year in a row. How do you feel about these?

Infi: Before the game, I thought I would be so happy, however, I didn't be happy for long, maybe like 10 minutes only, I had no feeling anymore after I got on the taxi.
I didn't expect that I could get the most popular player of the year, but I think there will be a reason, everyone deserves the prizes they owned. And I feel a little happy when I am thinking about the face of those haters, perfect!

"Honestly, as a senior player, I think I didn't play well in this year, I feel ashamed to get this award. The coming year is a really important year for War3, I hope I could become a good example for others, and play with other Chinese players, let's fight together. We will try our best to get the Championships for China."

Q: In the game you played against TH000 (Super WGL's Grand Finals), which part do you think you did better, and that made you won the game? At the fight in second round, how did you do that? You lost almost nothing.

Infi: Previously, when I played against TH000 in Human Mirror, I always had advantage in the early game, but he always found the chance to expand, and won the game at last. In this time, I gave up for expanding, and went for an all in, from the result, the effect was not bad. In fact, there are too much details in Human mirror, it's hard to say clearly, so in short, my state was better than him on that day.

Q: 2018 has passed, how to sum up your own 2018?

Infi: Totally, my passion for the game has been basically exhausted in 2018, I have no idea if they same with me. In 2018, I was bad luck in tournaments, I could be in Ro4 but I couldn't get the champion, this made me feels bad, luckily I got one at the last tournament, so it's not too bad.

Q: Do you have anything want to say to the fans about some of the "controversial incidents" that happened to you in 2018?

Infi: I said about these many times, for conclusion, I will try to avoid these in the future.

Q: We will have 1.30.3 soon, do you think this patch could change the situation recently?

Infi: We have no idea before we play with it. The most important point is Orc vs Night Elf, if the situation become better, I want to use Orc to play again!

Q: If the situation in 2019 was still the same as 1.30.1, may you consider to change the race and play? How do you think about changing race? Yes or no? How many races could you use? Should you tell your opponent before the game?

Infi: All the rules against changing race are so bad, these rules are only countering 1 to 2 players.

For example, there were a group of people were playing basketball, most of them are 1.80 meter, but there are two players are 1.90 meter, after they had been playing basketball for a few years, they made a rule, they said we shouldn't slam dunk on the field, this is not the way we play, this is unfair!

However, after many years, people found out that the players with height 1.80 could make a slam dunk too, if you are hard on practicing! This story told us that, in fact, you may not make a slam dunk although you are 1.90 meter, the reason they could make that is they did enough practice and they were confident to make it!

Q: 2019 is a really important year for Warcraft 3, we will have team competitions and leagues with more than 5 Millions prize pool, we believe you are paying attention on it too, do you have any target for yourself?

Infi: I believe we will have a lot of single and team competitions, I think what I need to do is just maintaining my skills. Whether you can get the championship depends on the time, place, luck. Success depends not only on individual efforts, but also on the history of the process. If  the situation is not right, your efforts will be useless .

Q: Currently, RW and Newbee have identified the basic framework of their team, from the aspect of the lineup, it can be said that they are so close. Some people said these two teams will get almost the champion in team competitions, how do you think about this?

Infi: Theoretically, there is such a trend, and the remaining players can barely form a combat team. In fact, this is not a good thing. I think that there must be more emphasis on the balance between the teams.

Q: The Reforged edition is coming, and Warcraft 3 has hope to revive. What do you think is the most important problem that Warcraft 3 needs to solve?

Infi: As a game, naturally, the more users, the better. But as an e-sports project, the more viewers, the better.

I think the most important thing is to do a good job of RPG, train a large number of new users to play RPG, and at the same time attract them to watch the game, make them become the viewers of melee game.

At the same time, the high prizes will attract many young players with potential to participate in the competition, and they may defeat the old players. At this time, the entire circle of Warcraft 3 could form a virtuous circle.

By the way, if this really happen, please call me Director Wang!

Q: From the results of 2018, the performances of Chinese Warcraft players is slightly inferior than Korean players; and several Chinese and Korean matches (The Clan Wars) were also won by South Korea. As an old player, what do you want to say to Chinese players?

Infi: It is undeniable that in terms of attitude towards the game, Korean players are stronger than Chinese players, especially in team competitions. But this is also due to the environment, like many Chinese players can't prepare for the game, we are tired of streaming, this is the fact. And in 2019, I think this phenomenon is likely to change. I hope everyone will come together to play and pay more attention to the tournaments.

Q: I heard that Magic Yang gave you some lessons under the stage. What did he say to you? Which is your personal favorite Warcraft 3 commentator?

Infi: I haven't seen Magic Yang for a long time. We talked a lot, but mainly about the new patch and the Warcraft's situation in 2019. The most important thing is that Mgic Yang may come back completely and cast more games for us. I am very looking forward to it.

The favorite commentators are of course the BM (Magic Yang and BBC) and Zhou Ning+Xixi, it's hard to choose one, I love both of them.

Q: The last question, please answer honestly, who is the most handsome guy in Warcraft?

Infi: Don't you just want me to say that it is me? I tell you, no.

The most handsome and perfect guy in my mind is the old Wang artist who grows to 140 pounds, and he is too handsome and there is no word can describe him![1]

Remark[1] by GLH: Actually the "old Wand artist" is him, "Wang" is his family name, and he think he is too thin right now, so he wants to be 140 pounds. It doesn't matter if you don't understand this, this is Chinese style joke.

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