Author: Keke (可可酱)
Translator: GLH

On 2018 Nov 3rd, Blizzard published about Warcraft III Reforged. After 20 days, on Nov 23rd, we had a great news and a whole new plan for War3 in 2019!

On Nov 23rd, We had a conference at InterContinental Suzhou, and the conference published their eSports plan in 2019.

(2019 Blizzard eSports conference)

When NetEase eSports Director, IRIS, he were showing the outline, he said War3 is the origin of China eSports, and he said NetEase will focus on War3 in 2019.

After that, War3 department Director, Jake went on to the stage and started to talk about the plan.

He used "Ready to work", a quote by Peon for his opening.

There were three crucial words for us
"City Tour tournament" "Points system" "Professional clubs"

(   City Tour   |   Points system   |   Professional squads   )

**City tour tournament**
In 2019, WGL will leave Shanghai, and go to Xi'an, Chengdu, Beijing, and Wuhan.
We will have single competition and clubs competition in each city.
In single competition, distribution slots for each division: 6 Chinese, 4 Korean, 3 European and 3 Americans.
So, there will be totally 16 players in the offline tournament.

**Points system**
For Chinese players, they can get points from these two part: points on the ladder, points from other tournaments. The top ranked players will be qualified to the offline tournament.
For others, to be determined.

**Professional clubs**
In 2017, WGL included the clubs tournaments. NetEase is going to make this system to be more complete, and maximize the protection of professional players, and push forward the club signing system.
For more details, please wait for the news from War3station.

Yes, In 2019, we will have 5,000,000 RMB for War3.

These prizes include clubs competitions, single competitions, the college star league, and second division league selection with online.

**Recruit new player**
We have a whole plan for the War3 college players, you can get the study fee for 4 years as a prizes. Does any college student want to know about it? Especially (OuShen)欧神, a fans always comment under our post.

"Let War3 be great again", this is not a dream anymore, it's real! With the Reforged edition, and the whole plan for War3, thank you for always be with War3.

You, are the hero of War3.

War3station_Keke is invited to the 2019 Blizzard eSports conference.

The following parts are her self-narrative.

 I am Keke, this is my honor to be invited to this conference, as a representative of War3 media and a tournaments organizer, and they gave me baseball clothing with the races' icon, I was in tears. These are the official products and also the clothes for the players in the WGL offline tournament. The fans who will be in the location have a chance to get these too.

UD version are being sale very fast

In the conference, I sat beside SYC and Magic Yang, and Zhou ning were setting near of me too, I saw a lot of friends here, like a staff of WCA offline, a player in WCG qualifier, but I forgot this ID. Magic Yang said he will come back and join us for the tournaments. The reporters from NGA were asking some much question, most of the question are about War3.

In the break time, I heard RNG(an eSport squad) kept asking a staff about the details of War3 tournaments, most of the squads I know were here, RNG, IG, WE, RW, most of them were here for War3.

In the question time, Magic Yang stood up and said: Hi, I am Magic Yang.
And the claps sound immediately for this man, to our senior commentator.

I was in tears again. Since 2010, this game was falling down, but we were still sticking with it, and now, we will be back in 2019!