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"The fifth race"

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The game that hosted by Douyu, sponsored by Thunder Fire e-sports, organized by War3station and OBGAME, Douyu Thunder Fire Cup will play at 18:00 tonight (GMT+8).

The first to appear will be the four players in Group A, TH000, Hawk, Lawliet and Lucifer. In the patch 1.30.1, TH000's performance has been unsatisfactory. In addition to the Super WGL, he has not achieved any results. In order to turn around this situation, TH000 has also made an important decision: he wants to switch race and play!

TH000 hasn't achieved any good result in patch 1.30.1, and he even lost to Soin in NeXT qualifier.

The reason that TH000 could get "The Best Player of 2018",is undoubtedly relying on his outstanding performance in the first half of the year, he got 2018 WGL summer champion and this made him on the top of the world.

However, in the second half of the 2018, the results of TH000 have plummeted, especially after the 1.30 patch update, with the weakness of the Human, TH000 and all the Human players fell to the bottom. We may TH000 was eliminated in the WGL winter because he was being in the death group (losing to Foggy and Lyn), however, in NeXT, he was eliminated by Soin in qualifier, it will be purely a problem.

In the current patch(NetEase is still playing with 1.30.1), due to the nerfed of the Militias, the Human expansion strategies are mostly invalid, the mistake tolerance rate of the Human is changed from the highest to the lowest, a little mistake can ruin the huge advantage that accumulated in the early game. In such an environment, this is understandable that the results of TH000 are bleak.

Switching race, TH000 is using the last solution.

Maybe the loss against Soin became the last straw breaks the camel's back, TH000 decided to switch race to play in the Thunder Fire Cup. In fact, his best friend, Infi had already changed his race during the WGL Winter. Except for the Night Elf Mirror, Night Elf had an overwhelming advantage against other races. TH000 also tried for once in the game against WFZ.

Of course, switching race is not omnipotent. In the face of the top Night Elf players such as Moon, Lawliet, Foggy, it is obviously not wise to use Night Elf to play them. If TH000 wants to go further, he still needs to think about the solutionin Human vs Night Elf.

The opponents are so strong!

Th000's opponents are very strong, Lawliet and Lucifer have just won the NeXT championship together, they may feel so confident in the game currently, we must not be underestimated them. Even more coincidentally, Lawliet and Lucifer will meet in the first round. In NeXT, Lucifer knocks down Colorful and Check easily. In this time, he needs to face the more powerful Night Elf player, Lawliet, what will he will show to us, let's watch the game tonight.

Another participant in Group A is Hawk. Historically, Hawk eliminated TH000 in WCG2011 and WCA2014. However, the game was played with a really old patch, in current patch, Human vs Night Elf has become a really hard problem, even if Foggy doesn't agree with it, but Hawk is still being defeated by Lawliet, Colorful and other Night Elf players, and TH000 even chooses to use Night Elf to play in this time, seems it's really bad situation for Hawk.

Douyu room number 119601

Group stage: BO3 and double elimination, the first 2 player advance to the playoffs.
Playoffs: BO5 and single elimination.


Prize Pool

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

NeXT Winter was ended on 21st January, finally Lyn, Lawliet, Lucifer won the championship with resulting 9-0 in this whole tournament!

What are the interesting things about the statistics between the players in this tournament? Let's take a look.

Players: Soin was having bad days; there are four players resulted 100% win rate.

There is no doubt that Lyn, Lawliet and Lucifer are the best players in this tournament. They won three games respectively, and without a single loss. Their performance is like dazzling light and made everyone else faint.

In addition, the win rate of 120 is also 100%, but he only played once. Soin is more tragic, he lost all the games, and he also became the "worst player" on the hill, his performance was much different from the games when he played in qualifier.

The most surprising thing is Moon's, 2 wins and 4 losses makes him "fell down" from the altar[1]. Before the game, everyone worried that Check and Colorful made him lost the tournament, however, Moon didn’t play well, and he even is the player with lowest winning percentage in his team.

Remark[1] by GLH: Which means he was playing so good before this tournament, just like a God, however he didn't play well in this time, so he "fell" from the altar, means he became "Human" again.

Races: Night Elves weren't unbeatable anymore; Undead is standing on the hill.

Night Elf, a race has ruled Warcraft III for more than 100 days, has finally failed to continue to dominating the games in this time. The Bo1 format and targeted research by other races have made Night Elf to fall. However, no matter how bad, Night Elf is still better than Orc and Human. Especially Human, only Chaemiko advanced to the offline, this race almost got destroyed.

The best race in this tournament is Undead undoubtedly, 120 and Lucifer added 4 wins, this perfect performance is showing the will of the Undead. In W-League, 120 and Lucifer won the Super League and the First Division champion respectively. Meanwhile, Happy has continued to rule in Europe. Seeing the strong game play of these Undead players, Blizzard may weaken UD again and again.

Nationality: The winning percentage is close, but Korean won the title again.

The performance of the Chinese players is not bad, there are no players who "dragged the team's hind legs"[2], and that is also the top player, 120. The overall win rate (54%) is slightly higher than the Korean players.

Remark[2] by GLH: Means you are hurting your team to lose.

However, the champion was still won by three Korean players. In these two times NeXT, the prizes of 20,000 CNY was divided by six Korean players. Seems we are still far from the day of Chinese players.

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