【NeXT】Warcraft III Chinese Qualifier had been played yesterday, after a lot of games, Colorful, 120, Fly are the winners of this qualifier, they will move to the main tournament with TH000 and Infi, they represented China to play in the tournament at the end of September.

In the newest dream team of China, both's members are same but only Life, he replaced by Colorful for this time. In September, they will go to Guang Zhou and take the challenge from Team Korea, we hope the dream team can get the revenge successfully.

At 2pm today (GMT +8), Korea Qualifier will start on time, Although Remind, Check has leave from the game, but FoCuS, Lawliet, Lucifer, Chaemiko and other player are the great players too, let's take a look and see who will get the ticket to the main tournament.

Result of China Qualifier:

Time: Aug 29th, 1400 (GMT +8)
BO3, Double-Elimination, the first three players will move to the main tournament
Link: next.163.com


Life dropped from the list, Colorful was dominating

In the upper half, Life came back to the game after a few months of rest, however, he wasn't playing like his senior on Warcraft, he was defeated by Fly and Zhouxixi in a row, and become the first eliminated player.

On the other hand, a NE player too, Colorful, his situation is better a lot than Life. First, the battle of master and apprentice, the micro of Colorful is better than Zhouxixi obviously, when the Zhouxixi's tactics in NE mirror are not effective again, he will defeated by his apprentice. In the winner bracket finals, Colorful met Fly, the first round was AZ, Colorful was suppressed so hard by Fly in the early game, but he take the chance to turn over when Fly did a mistake, in the direct fight, Colorful prepared well, Fly typed out GG after he failed to hero kill. The second round was EI, Fly was forced to play with Raiders Base Run for survive, after a few fight, Colorful won the game and move to the main tournament.

Fast almost did a history, 120 won with risky

Fast is the most surprising dark horse in this qualifier, win against Xiaokk with 2-0 and he was underrated by everybody, in the winner bracket finals, Fast played very well and shocked our formal champion, 120, the B with great items is just godlike, Fast won the first round.

Although 120 won the second round very soon, Fast had advantage in the final round, in the direct fight, 120 forced to TP, seems like 120 was going to lose this game. In the desperate situation, 120 showed his micro and his skills, level 3 Dread Lord used Sleep on the BM and made BM did nothing in the last fight, meanwhile, 120 used NC combo[1] killed a lot of Orcs, Fast was so nervous and didn't micro the unit well, after he lost his heroes, he typed out GG, 120 won the game risky.

Zhouxixi lost the game, Fly was dominating in Orc mirror

In the lower bracket, Zhouxixi and Fly were the players have the biggest chance to move to main tournament, however, we were surprised that Zhouxixi was defeated by Fast, the Critical Strike eliminate the hope of Zhouxixi.

Our king of Orc, adjusted himself immediately, won over Fast and Xiaokk in a row, become the last ticket to the main tournament.

[1]hotkey of Frost Nova and Death Coil