Author: War3station
Translator: GornLan Harbor

For family reasons, Check chose to retire; also because of family support, Check is back to his beloved Warcraft now. And he is still so low-key.

Q: Hi, Uncle Check, say hi to your fans!
A: Hi everyone, thank you for remembering me.

Q: Last year, you chose to retire after you got into best 4 in GCS, why?
A: I had no stable income from the squad and streams, it's hard to take care of my family, I didn't want to, but I had to leave.

Q: In 2018, Warcraft was growing so fast, we have more tournaments, new patches, and Blizzard published that they will release the Reforged edition, how you feel about these?
A: I thought we would not have the remastered edition, you know Blizzard right? but Blizzard did it! Thanks to Blizzard. In general, Warcraft is on the good way, this is a great news for the Warcraft players and fans.

Q: Why you choose to come back and play again? Is it because of the release of the Reforged edition?
A: I want to play in tournaments always, but I have no time for it. Luckily my schedule is more suitable for me to play now, so I choose to come back.

Q: Do you have any target with this come back?
A: I want to have a satisfied result, AND don't leave regrets for myself.

Q: In your opinion, who is the best NE player now? Moon, Lawliet, Foggy or someone else? Are you confident to surpass him?
A: All of them are the great NE player, it's too hard to choose the best one. I had stopped for long time, I didn't play in tournaments, and I didn't do enough practice too, it's hard to compare with them.

Q: Do your family support for your come back this time?
A: My wife creates the time for me to play, that's why I can come back, I will use my result for return what she did for me.

Q: Thank you for accepting our interview, do you have any word to your fans?
A: I am really happy that I can come back to Warcraft, I will try to participate the tournaments as much as possible, it's hard to play and work at the same time, but I will try my best and get the good result.