FoCuS: I am not the friend of China [1]

[1] FoCuS always defeat Korean Players in a lot of tournament, but not Chinese Players, so the Chinese audiences make fun with this.


During this season of ChinaJoy, we have the opportunity to have an interview with Blizzard Entertainment's Vice President, Rob Bridenbecker, we talked about v1.30, the community and questions regarding the World Editor. Rob says that v1.30 patch won't be the last, War3 is still active, he emphasized that they will keep provide support to the War3 community.

                                       Rob Bridenbecker

Q: Why Blizzard made such huge changes to Heroes, Maps, Races in v1.30?
A: We created War3 15 years ago, we created a basic setting for the game, until now we still see a lot of improvement could be made in the game's core balancing. We discussed a lot with the community, which make it possible to keep improving the game, the community is what driving us to make such changes.

Q: What support will Blizzard provide to China's War3 Map creators? What changes will be made to the official World Editor?
A: We are receiving a lot of request from the community to give more support to the World Editor, we are collaborating with 網易 and made a platform for players to play, we also recruited some MOD created by community creators.
As for future changes on World Editor,  we know that the community has created a better content, we hope to include the pros and add some content we consider as an improvement to the game. We promise there will be more update in the future, but we can't be sure about the content yet.
We absorbed some energy from the community, ex: One of the MOD creators have been recruited to our Blizzard team to make more contribution to the World Editor.

Q: In v1.30, every race except Orcs have been nerfed which means that Orcs are buffed, are Blizzard satisfied with the changes?
A: We still need to confirm this with the designing team, the only thing I can say is we are paying close attention to the game's balancing. We are hoping it to get better, in the mean time we are getting feedback from the community. I saw that there are still many players with great passion in the game's core mechanic, with many feedback still coming from the community, I'm happy with that.

Q: The new patch supports up to 24 players playing the same match, regarding the connection and disconnection problem, what will Blizzard do as a protection?
A: 24 players online play is a new content we added recently, this is demanded by the community, we are still improving it. War3 has been released 17 years ago, we had the same problem that time, we need to consider the compatibility and considering new content to add. So every time when we faced this kind of problem, we need to make sure we don't destroy the classic elements by adding new content.

Q: After v1.30, will there be any single player campaign update?
A: We are very excited that in the community, there are many modders trying to add more content to War3, we will continue our support but there won't be any single player campaign for now.

Q: What has Blizzard do for the localization of World Editor in China?
A: We will update the info with the local team.

Q: Will v1.30 be the last big patch? If not, is there any news about Warcraft 4?
A: The patch won't be the last, we will observe the whole environment, make tweaks according to the players. As for the Warcraft series and the future of RTS games, there are still things to see.

Q: What are your opinion on "RTS is dead"? How should War3 survive in the future?
A: There are RTS games like Warcraft 3 that continued for 17 years and Starcraft for 20 years, this means RTS are still full of vitality. We have accumulated millions of fans over 20 years, they loved RTS, so I think that RTS is still healthy.
As for Warcraft 3, I think that it isn't the game itself that is maintaining, the community and patches played a huge role too. Over the pass 10 years, we see many derivatives, including Dota, tower defenses and kinds of RPG maps, all these are contributed by the community, their love for the game won't be less than us developers. The exciting part is the fans keep adding new content and bring life to the game.

Q: Does it mean Blizzard are using Warcraft's latest patch to bring War3 back to the esports?
A: Our focus are to cultivate and grow the community, we cooperate with 網易 to organize Gold League, the audience and players are not bad, so I think the game is full of vitality and our focus will be more on the community for now.

Q:Will War3 get a remake like Starcraft?
A: Back to our statement just now, we are focusing on the community, we will provide tools for the community to deliver new content.


Before the game, I had a courageous prediction,
1st round, 2-1 for Chaemiko...
2nd round, Xiaokk may not win against Colurful who won Lyn, so 2-1 for Colorful
3rd round, HU is imba, 2-1 for Chaemiko
4th round, it's hard to say, so I stopped here.

As my prediction, after micro for a moment, Tbc_bm lost the game to Chaemiko with 1-2.
Look! My prediction was really accurate!

And we moved to second round, the profile picture change to Xiaokk with his iconic black leather clothing (Actually, this isn't iconic, because he has only this profile picture.)
AZ, double Burrow and tech, seems like he had some new ideas, he found a method to against Colorful, cause Colorful lost this round. After that we moved to TS, and Xiaokk summoned FS as he first hero, what? Do you remember, the first game of version 1.29, Xiaokk also used FS as he first hero to against Sini, and FS had been chased by only DH in whole map, and lost the game in 10 minutes...... Although Xiaokk improve his details, a Health Stone broke the balance of the game, and resulting 1-1. 

EI, a map that Colorful really love to play, and a map that all the NE players will ban always when playing against Orc, however, seems like Colorful think that this map is balance, so Xiaokk should be so happy, BM could get a lot of item in this map......(in the game) Ring of Protection, Ring of Protection , Ring of Protection again......
Xiaokk: Please tell me that where are the advantage to Orc in this map......

The exciting part in the game was about to play, the talons was going to have direct fight with Orc, I thought Xiaokk was going to GG, but he wasn't! This man was playing with incredible micro and seems like game cheat! Both of them started the fight with 50 supplies each, and 2 Grunts died in the opening, however Xiaokk reversed the situation and killed the whole army of Colorful, with cost only 2 sets of Healing Salves, forced Colorful have to use Moon Well and wait the resurrection of the heroes, but Xiaokk went for base run, demolish Colorful's Altar, and kept fighting with Colorful by kept in No Upkeep until he had 1300 golds, and TC got to crucial level--level 5, Colorful had a major disadvantage! Colorful was suppressed in his base! Colorful typed out GG!

After that, Xiaokk stayed in the game and played against Chaemiko, the first map was TM, Xiaokk used FS again, and played with incredible micro, again! Chamiko typed out GG without any chance! It's seems like Xiaokk was having a hot state tonight!
(牛 means cow, means TC)
We have not replay, so we drew it ourselves.
However, according to history, Xiaokk respected "Micro conservation law" always, then, his micro become weaker a lot, SH was surrounded, BM harassed without Mana and trapped in HU base, 2 Grunts followed their hero and died......Finally, Chaemiko won this man who seems like play with game cheat, got 2 pts and ¥200!

The last game was Tbc vs Colorful, Tbc chose to play in game with durable again with a really bad situation in these two round. In first round, this army was bullied by Colorful's high level heroes and Hippogryphs, and second round, Colorful played like a farmer, raised the livestock [1] and used Chimaeras to destroy UD base, resulting 2-0 and got 3 pts.

Tonight 7pm (GMT+8), WFZ, TH000, Lawliet, FoCuS are coming for the game, stay with us!

[1] In China, when Player A has a major advantage when playing against Player B, and B choose to stay and don't know how bad he is in the game, meanwhile, A didn't end the game immediately although he can do it, but choose to show off such like using the units unnecessary but look cool, or leveling the hero until level 6 and showing off the ultimate skill with look cool, we will say that A is raising a pig and kill it when it grown up.


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