The annual ChinaJoy is near! The classic RTS game that released 16 years ago, Warcraft 3 will appear at Blizzard Entertainment's booth. We will be preparing lots of event and gifts at the playing area and also the main booth.

Thousand of RPG maps for testing, "Dragon and shadow III"beta testing.

Blizzard's world editor had brought more possibilities in the creation of RPG maps. Every player can add their own ideas into the game, creating more ways to play. Players can come to the official play booth and experience thousand of new map with new playing mechanism. Among all those maps, we prepared a classic ORPG sequel that is going live soon, "Dragon and shadow III"for players to play it first hand. The map creator will also be there to communicate with players.

This is from Warcraft 3, could you believe it?

Latest 1.30PTR exhibition match fires off!

Two top War3 players Fly100% and China's Night Elf hope, Colorful will be playing the latest 1.30PTR maps on 4th August 2018, 1pm. Giving the audience first glance about the patch. After the exhibition match, creator of "Dragon and shadow "Fashi, creator of "战三国"[1] Liehun, creator of "恐怖丛林肉搏"[2] Dongxie will be coming to the main booth, playing 6v6 Pudge Wars and share their fun experience of classic maps.

On 5th August 2018, afternoon, Hearthstone commentator XingSu, will be playing Warcraft 3 1v1 against the audiences. Let's see how good is XingSu in war3.

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Other than that, the host and commentators are very luxurious. The host, 娇娇(Jiao509) was GCS's host too, 二龙Alone is also a famous person in Starcraft. As for commentator, we have Xun, 娇娇(Jiao509) is first time acting as commentator, not sure how much she understands about the game. Overall, this ChinaJoy will surely bring a wonderful experience to the players.

[1] RPG game on the Platform

[2] RPG game on the Platform

pic of 战三国
pic of 恐怖丛林肉搏