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Super WGL is hosted by NetEase, and the event will be held on 11 January in Shanghai. The Warcraft III Grand Final will start at 8pm (GMT +8). Who will become the Champion of the Year, Infi or TH000? Let's see!

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Gold Annual Awards
Gold Annual Awards will be hosted on 12 January 2019. All players, streamers, creators, and staff members who have made outstanding contributions during 2018 will have the chance to attend this event and to get awarded. The awards are divided into two categories: Best Popularity Award (人气票选奖项) and Professional Selection Award (专业评选奖项).

Best Popularity Award was unveiled on 20 December. The fans, audience, and players can vote for the players and streams they love. The voting will be closed on 3 January 2019, at 11:59pm (GMT +8).

During the voting period, you could vote one time each day with your Chinese Blizzard Account. You can't change your choice after you submit it, so please double-check carefully before submitting.

Voting for Best Popularity Award
20 Dec 2018 to 3 Jan 2019

Super WGL
11 Jan 2019, Shanghai
Champion of the Year!

(Summary for Warcraft III in the picture.)
Champion: 60000 yuan (RMB)
Runner-up: 30000 yuan (RMB)

Format: Round Robin, BO3, the first two players advance to Grand Final, and Grand Final will be BO5.
(GK.TH000 and RW.Infi advanced to the Grand Final)

Stream:(Room number)
Douyu: 525207
Huya: 660104
Bilibili: 3863436
Panda: 1631631
Zhanqi: 16301
CC: 163001
(TV) Huashu: 808

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Zhejiang Province E-Sports Association will host SKC the clan war of Chinese and Korean star players at 31st Dec in HuZhou.

In this tournament, we are going to have Overwatch and Warcraft III. For Warcraft III, the official invited Lyn and TH000 for a BO3(best of 3) game. As a last tournament of 2018, this tournament will be hot!

31st Dec(GMT +8)
13:00-13:30 Opening Ceremony
13:30-16:15 Warcraft III
16:15-18:30 Overwatch
18:30-18:50 Awards


Huzhou Media River Galaxy Film City(湖州市梅地亚银河电影城)

TH000 vs Lyn, BO3(Best of 3)

Exclusive stream by Zhanqi