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The dancing left hand

When we talk about players on War3 history, we will mention Grubby, Moon, Sky, after that we may say TH000, Fly, Infi. That was a blossoming history, and there is a man called "the dancing left hand", suhO, he is also worthy of being written into this history.

Nowadays, suhO is playing in Texas Hold'em, seems he is famous in that circle. Due to the influence of  Reforged edition, we are honored to interview suhO.

Q: Hi,suhO. A lot of War3 fans are concerning to your work nowadays, may you talk about your work right now?
A: Hi, War3station and fans, I am living in Macau nowadays, and I will go to play the tournaments of Texas Hold'em sometimes, I enjoy my life nowadays, I feel so free and relaxed. (suhO, will we meet in Macau?)

Q: The Reforged edition is coming soon, how you feel about the edition?
A: I saw some models and designs, they look cool, but I didn't see my race, NE, so I don't want to talk it now.

Q: Which story or character in War3 are your favorite, do you play one more time with Reforged edition?
A: All the stories are good, and of course I will play it again, I remember I played the whole campaigns for 3 times. 

Q: We saw you played on ladders, may you say how good of your skills? Can you beat TeD?
A: In fact, I had been stopped playing War3 since my retirement in 2010, until Blizzard updated this game suddenly in this year, this is interesting and it attracted me, sometimes I played more that 50 rounds and 12 hours a day. I didn't play against TeD's UD recently, but I met him when he was playing the other races, and he was just having fun, of course he will lose me. (suhO, please play it on the stream, we want to watch how you knock down TeD.)

Q: Which moment is your best memory of your career?
A: I have so much great memory of my career, but if you want me to choose one, it will be that I got the champion of WCG China Division in 2004, I feel it was a dream, a fantastic dream.

Q: When the Reforged edition released, will you play in tournaments?
A: Come on, I will be knocked down by the active professional players for sure. But I may go for fun, sometimes I play on BN too, I saw so many special strategies on there, it's interesting. If we have some tournaments for the retired players, I will consider it, but I think I could win against XiaoT only.

(From the left, Like, wulin, suhO, panxiang)
The photo in Infi's wedding

Thank suhO to accept our interview, we wish we have a tournament for the retired players, and we wish you will be there.