Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

The first RongSheng XiangYuan Cup is a 2v2 amateur invitational tournament which sponsored by spirtmoon9019 and hosted a Douyu's streamer, 你的末班车.

The organizers hope this event could bring more players and audiences who love Warcraft together and  bring a visual feast to the audience through the game. And they also hope there will be more players will continue to support Warcraft. Warcraft III will overcome all the troubles!


Douyu room number 2557656

5th Apr-6th April, 0700pm(GMT+8)

Bo3(Best of 3) single elimination, Grand Final will beBo5.

Prizes pool:
Championship: 2000
Runner-up: 1000
Third place: 500

The invitation fee for each team in addition to the prizes is 200 yuan.


1. 一枪封神组合 (Becomes a god with a shot)
-火枪+小神 (Rifle+Little God)

2. 打酱油组合 (Do nothing)
-无道+飞艇 (Wudao+Zeppelin)

3. 魔鬼组合 (Ghost)
-魔尊重楼+ghost (Mozunzhonglou+ghost)

4. 牛骑豆腐K组合 (Cow Rider Tofu K)
-海牛+小KK (Hainiu+Xiaokk)

5. 巴啦啦小魔仙组合 (BlaLaLa Little Magic fairy)
-豆豆+一哥 (Bean Bean + The best player)

6. 东北二狼 (The Two Wolves in Northeast)
-萌萌+小凯 (Sweety+Xiao Kai)

7. 父子组合 (Father and son)
-惊动爱情+螃蟹 (Alarming our love + Crab)

8. 沪苏宝组合 (Shanghai and Jiangsu's treasures)
-guli+心灵之息 (guli+Sigh of the soul)

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