Chinajoy is a game exhibition in China every year, after many years, Warcraft III come back to the stage of Blizzard again, as a old War3er, this moment let me feel touched. The RPG game "Dragon and shadow III" have a high picture quality, seems like this game wasn't from the Warcraft III; And the big change version 1.30 is subverting the tactics before, both of them are the representative of the Blizzard in this event.

Look, this game is still updating, and it is still a popular game! The guest in this match, are Fly100% who live in Shanghai and Colorful who live in Nanjing where near Shanghai. In this 1.30 PTR BO3, both of them play with the tactics with interesting and amazing, with the game commentary Xun, all of them did a good job and gave a good ending for this event.

                               Alone二龙                         Fly100%                            Colorful                                JiaoJiao 

As a professional gamer, I am focusing to the change of this version, and the balance in this game. In this exhibition match, we can see players is researching and trying to develop interesting and creative tactics, let this event become more attractive, however there are a few bugs in the new patch. The Bears HP MP become 810 and 200, we can't adjust the mouse sensitivity in the game, the Watch Tower is without Reinforced Defense after the upgrade.

Back on those tactics, in version 1.30, the Orc and NE was having the largest change in this game, especially tech tree of the Orc and balance of NE. According to Fly100%,  the butterfly effect by the reduced of the agility on BM, is no less than the change of Reinforced Defense, you may image, Blade Master the highest DPS unit in Warcraft III, can't creep the level 5 Ogre Magi at the shop in Turtle Rock, and Fly100% showed us that in the game. However, Fly100% was using the buffed of Headhunter in this version to get two games winning streak and win in this event.

After the lost of the game, Colorful wasn't sad, his experiences let him has a strong mentality. "The version nerf the late game, so let focus on the early game," said Colorful. What colorful has seen is the part become more powerful, not only the nerfed part, there are more tactics in the early was creating in the mind of Colorful. Warden, Beast Master, POM(Princess of the Moon) were being tried as first hero by Colorful, I feel so happy when I was listening to those new tactics from him.

Furthermore, Colorful said NE aren't that bad in version 1.30, but we have to using the advantage in tech of one, maybe we can see the tactic like Sase in the future and version 1.30, the Huntresses was running through whole map. In the past few years, we always said Warcraft need the new version for the balance, but we found that we were wrong, what we need are the young players like Colorful.

Finally, I got the mouse that had been used by Fly100% from the Q&A in Chinajoy. Why I won the game when both team got the same point ? Because we are ixxxxxxxe( means muted ). This mouse may give as present in the first day of W league, keep paying attention on our page(war3station). Thank for your reading, war3station will keep giving you the information of Warcraft III.