TeD (Night Elf) vs Happy (Undead) on NetEase Ladder

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The last monthly challenge, for "King of Lost Temple", will continue tonight. Team TeD/Hainiu are waiting for the challenger as the previous tournament's winner. Besides Team Infi/Colorful, Team Zhouxixi/Fly going to run for the chance to challenge them.


Introduction of Teams

Team TeD/Hainiu (previous tournament winners)
An amazing 2vs2 team. They got 2 titles in a row on Lost Temple in TKOM. Additionally, they have one title and one second place from WGL (GCS).

Team Colorful/Infi
Infi and Colorful, no one can predict what they will do.

Team Laotou(捞头组合)

Team Northeastern wolves (东北二狼组合)
Xiaokai/Mengmeng(美少女萌萌), they won 2nd place in the qualifier.

Team Korean

Team World Champion(世界冠军组合)
SuperBT/homesaber, they defeated Lawliet and Focus once. They utilize diverse strategies.

Team Do Nothing(打酱油组合)
Zeppelin(飞艇)/无道OC, although they are amateur players,  they are really good at 2vs2.

Team FlyXixi
Fly/Zhouxixi, they have one title from WGL(GCS), and they are going for it again!

Team Tesla
Sini/mysterious player(神秘选手), we have no idea about their abilities.


Maps: Lost Temple

19 December 2018, 19:00 (GMT+8)

BO1 (Best of 1), the winner gets the chance to challenge the previous tournament winner.
BO3 for the crown title.

Previous Tournament Winner: Team TeD/Hainiu

Championship: 10,000 yuan
Single competition:
Champion: 3000 yuan
Runner-up: 2000 yuan
Third place: 1000 yuan

About TKOM:
The King of Maps (TKOM) is a new tournament series sponsored by Mr.Sun, and hosted by War3station. The tournament's goal is to find out who the best players on a certain map is. This tournament was first introduced on 16 October. The top players on NetEase as well as other profession players fight for the prizes and the title "The King of Maps".

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