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In the midnight of April 15th, after a whole night of fighting, the world runner-up and the best European player, Foggy waved a white flag to a Chinese amateur player who was born in 1995.

"What the f**k of this micro, is he AI? He is too good in the control of formation!" "He is so good in knowing and controlling the situation! And he is quite calm! It is impossible to win his guy when he has the advantage!" TH000 and Infi was casting the game together, they were so excited, just like they found gold.

"What an amazing series!" European commentary B2W said it at the same time, and HuG's opponent Foggy sent "good" in a private message to a friend after the game...

After that, his ID, "SiL.HuG" was posted on Weibo, Tieba, CNwar3 and other major Warcraft III communities. No one would have thought that the champion of the first Schuck Cup would be captured by this unknown boy. And the journey of this championship is so legendary!

2-1 FoCuS, 2-1 RW.Life, 2-0 Zhou_Xixi, 3-2 Foggy... one of them won runner-up and third place in 2017, two of them are China's most shining Night Elves in their generations, even the top Orcs do not dare to say that they can take down them easily, on the other hand, you have to know that FoCuS was the second best Orc players in Orc mirror, and Foggy lost only two Bo5 series in NEvsOrc for a year. HuG seems to have been treat as "feeder" at the moment of the grid was announced...

However, this young player, who seems would be "destroyed" completed the journey of championship with the incredible performance, and became the most surprised dark horse of Warcraft III at the moment!

This is the story of HuG, who is called as "HuGoat" by others .

A young man of "Middle generation of Warcraft III"

Warcraft III has gone through a few years since 2010, in the middle of these years, it has left the generation of the contention of a hundred strategies, and came to middle generation. There are not the GMS(Grubby, Moon and Sky) on the stage anymore, Infi, Lyn and other players are waiting for a stage to create their own legend. By the time in Zhejiang Jinhua, HuG, who was studying in high school entered the world of Warcraft III under the leading of his brother.

Although there were not many playmates playing Warcraft III together, the young HuG still showed himself in the amateur circle in just one year, after that, he joined the team under the lead of ANO, the captain of the amateur team SiL, so HuG has been playing as SiL.HuG since he joined this team.

"Why do you play the Orcs?"

"Because Blade Master is very cool! And Wind Walk is also very interesting! So I was very distressed when I saw the nerf of Blade Master... Also, I don't have much confidence on my Far Seer, and I have never been in the age that the Orcs used to play Far Seer." HuG smiled and said.

"I played in offline once in the past, that's the qualifier of WCG in 2013. I was defeated by a former professional player in the first round of Shanghai Division, the ID was WE.panxiang!" When the author asked HuG about the experience of participating in the offline tournament, he said. Perhaps he didn't feel satisfied for such a result, when the time came to 2019, he decided to challenge the current biggest event, WGL!

If you are hard-working you will get return, the incredible performance in Schuck Cup

Unlike the WGL in last year, in this year, WGL Summer has only six quota for Chinese, and now HuG's points are exactly alongside ColorFul and RW.Fly100%.

One of them is the hero of Chinese team NeXT, the formal top 8 players in last season, and the other is the soul totem of the Chinese Orcs. Maybe he felt the pressure of the qualifying, in order to let his dream come true, he signed up for the Schuck Cup although he is working in a company from 0900am to 0500pm, he tried to play the tournament for practicing and communicate with other great players.

"At the time, I didn't think I would win the championship. I just took it as an opportunity to practice. I won because I have a lot of luck." When he was asked about this game, HuG said with modesty, "In the third round against FoCuS, my items were very good, and when I played against Life, he made a really a big mistake in the second round on EI, after that, my items were also very good in the semi-finals and grand finals. For Foggy, I think he might have a delay, and he was careless when he was leading the game with 2-0, in the last 3 round, he didn't change his strategy and let me seize the chance."

HuG paused and continued to add: "I felt very happy when I was playing against Zhouxixi, I reversed the game with my micro on TS, and the game point when I was playing against FoCuS, we had a lot of creep jacking and fighting. Nowadays, I especially like to play Orc mirror, I really enjoy on the battle of micro." Although everyone said that HuG is the best Orc in ORCvsNE, but in HuG own opinion, he doesn't think he is special in this match up. "The four matches up for me are almost the same. If you want me to say it, I still like Orc mirror, the pleasure of micro is very interesting!"

We still have two minor leagues before the last player list of WGL. HuG's mentality is as stable as his game style. "I will do it step by step, I don't want to be too arrogant, I will try to get the quota of the offline first." Although he is young, HuG has revealed a kind of veteran-like calmness, this kind of calmness was like the style of a Korean, the handsome king of Orc, Lyn, "Because Lyn is my idol, I really want my micro in big fight be like him, it will be so good! Unfortunately, I always get destroyed by him on Ladder...hahahaha..."

Professional is a dream; Take it step by step.

In the 2019, the new e-sports system of Warcraft III is being created, becoming a professional player and join a professional team like "Newbee, RW, LF, mTw" seems to have become a dream of many amateurs, of course HuG wants to play as well.

"I wanted to play as professional player, but I already have a stable job, and my parents will not agree to let me do it. In fact, I have received several teams offer, but my current work is very stable, and my parents are also very happy that I could find the current job, and I decide to understand them and work hard!" When the talk came to this topic, HuG can't help to pause for a while, and slowly talked about the "difficulties" of full-time job of Warcraft III.

"But!" The teenager cheered up again. "I can practice in the free time, and improve my level to be higher. When I get better results, I will carefully plan my future career of Warcraft III!"

"So this is not your destination right?"

"Of course, this is just the beginning."

"What goals do you want to achieve in this year?"

"Mhmmm... I have been single for many years, so...Can you introduce a girlfriend to me?"

In the midnight of 15th April, 2019, a new star, SiL.HuG started raising slowly, and he will carry the hope of all the fans of Warcraft III and begin his new journey.

P/s: HuG streaming channel: https://www.douyu.com/5904670

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