Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

After Phoenix Cup and G Cup stopped hosting games, a lot of players are so sad because they don't have stable tournaments to play. But now, the chance is coming, XiaoY cup, a tournament sponsored by the famous commentator XiaoY in China Warcraft III and hosted by War3station, we hope for this tournament to provide a platform for players to play and practice. You can play in this tournament whoever you are, a professional player or a newbie.

XiaoY Cup promise that they will host 20 tours!

9th Jan 2019 1900 (GMT +8)
BO3, Grand Finals will be BO5.


Maps: EI, CH, TM, LR, AZ, TS, NI

Champion: RMB 1000
Runner-up: RMB 500
Third place: RMB 300
Fourth place: RMB 200
Total: RMB 2000

About the commentary XiaoY:
XiaoY is a famous commentary, his videos are humorous , a lot of Warcraft III fans love his video, "娱乐至上,XiaoY 解说"(get your amusement here, XiaoY is casting) has been with us for 10 years. Furthermore, his total views on Youku are over 450 million, hence making him a milestone for Warcraft III commentary.