Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

After Phoenix Cup and G Cup stopped hosting games, a lot of players are so sad because they don't have stable tournaments to play. But now, the chance is coming, XiaoY cup, a tournament sponsored by the famous commentator XiaoY in China Warcraft III and hosted by War3station, we hope for this tournament to provide a platform for players to play and practice. You can play in this tournament whoever you are, a professional player or a newbie.

XiaoY Cup promise that they will host 20 tours!

The stable minor tournaments are the good chance for new players to grow up. 120, Life, Romantic, they trained themselves with this kind of tournaments and grew to become great player. The tournament is starting soon, the players are coming to show their skills in the games.


Time for application: 5th Mar 2019 to 8th Mar 2019 (GMT+8)
Schedule: 9th Mar 2019 to 10th Mar 2019, starts at 1900 (GMT +8).
The games will pause after Quarter final on the first day, and we will continue with the Semi final and Grand Final on second day.
Format: BO3 single elimination ,and BO5 for Grand Final

Some details for players:
Players have to join the group chat(807423172) in QQ, and keep online.

Maps: EI, CH, TM, LR, AZ, TS, NI

Champion: RMB 1000
Runner-up: RMB 500
Third place: RMB 300
Fourth place: RMB 200

Total: RMB 2000

About the commentary XiaoY:
XiaoY is a famous commentary, his videos are humorous , a lot of Warcraft III fans love his video, "娱乐至上,XiaoY 解说"(get your amusement here, XiaoY is casting) has been with us for 10 years. Furthermore, his total views on Youku are over 450 million, hence making him a milestone for Warcraft III commentary.

About Sport Group(电竞圈)
It is an application software of e-sports professional players and e-sports enthusiasts to host and participate in e-sports competitions. The main function are: hosting competitions, managing competitions, online registration, etc. It also provides professional services such as tournament search, event information push, and referee arbitration review.
Original Author and translator: War3station
Porter: GLH

Q: Hello Christopher, thanks to accept our War3station'interview, first do you have any words want to say to fans?

T: Hey there and thanks for having me! I am very excited and honored to receive this Interview request and see that there are still a few people left overseas that actually know me after all these years of absence of the scene  I am looking forward to a bright future of WC3, our beloved game!

Q: We all know the news that the legendary team in WC3L: mTw set up the WC3 department again. Could you tell us why mTw decides to set WC3 department again?

T: Some of the original founders of mTw have bought back the marketing and name rights of the brand mTw in order to have a fresh start in 2019. They have asked me to be part of it and after I gladly accepted the offer. I encouraged the leaders to have a WC3 team again as a first eSport division in the new mTw! There is a long and successful history with mTw in WC3 and I wanted to make sure that we play a role in the upcoming Reforged Hype.

(mTw had many great results on Warcraft III history)

Their LOGO

Their former LOGO

Q: Could you tell us why mTw choose HawK and Cash as first and second players?

T: We were looking for some players in Europe first because mTw is based there as well. I have met Hawk in the Blizzard Warcraft 3 Invitational about a year ago together with Foggy and thought they were both super nice guys! Unfortunately, Foggy was not available to join mTw as well, but with Cash we found another top notch European player who had some surprisingly good results at the last WGL. They both like each other a lot and represent some of the strongest players in Europe, making them the best fit for our team.

Q: After two EU players mTw choose KR players as third and fourth players and this decision makes mTw become the first EU club that have KR WC3 players. So, why choose KR players? Only for their game race or other reasons?

T: I always wanted to have a team with at least four players, ideally representing each race. This was because I knew clan leagues would come out and I wanted to keep the tradition of mTw participating in clan leagues up. I know both Check and Lucifer very well from my own active days as a pro Gamer and know that they are both great guys to have in the team. Check cannot commit 100% of his time to WC3 right now, but I think he is still a great player to have and I was especially happy that Lucifer decided to join as well, still being one of the best Undeads out there! For mTw as an organization, it can only be beneficial to have a presence in the most important WC3 market of the world, so we decided to invest in that area.

Q: Will mTw sign new players in the future?

T: The base setup of our team is now complete, having one player of each race. However, my goal is to sign perhaps two more up and coming young players (one in Asia and one from Europe) in order to train them up to get to the next level. This process might take a bit longer as we can take our time and observe the scene first.

Q: Does mTw has any plan to let players practice offline for some days?

T: Yes, we have very concrete plans for that! I hope that by next week we can announce an event in Berlin, Germany, which will include all of our four players. Should our Russians express the wish to live and play in China or South Korea for a while, mTw will also be able to support them with that and we could set up a pro Gaming house in Asia to represent mTw there. We will discuss this in Q3 this year once more news are out about the upcoming Chinese Team Leagues.

Q: Now we now there is a new online team league held by Warcraft3.info, what is the aim of mTw in that league?

T: Our aim is to win the league and provide fun and entertaining matches for the WC3 Community. The prize pool is not high in the W3iL, but the first season is more about pride and prestige and we want to make sure that mTw comes out as the winner of course! Competition is always about winning, you should never have the goal or aim to just become second  I am looking forward to the games already and can see that many good players have signed up already; perhaps in Season 2 we will also see some Chinese teams?

Q: One of the biggest news of WC3 in 2019 is that a high prize Primer team ProLeague will held in China, is there any plan to join that league? If yes, what is the aim? If no, why? Have you discussed with NetEase already?

T: I am very well aware of the NetEase plans for a team league and am already in touch with the organizers. No details can be shared yet, so I cannot give any information other than mTw will do anything we can in order to have our team represented in that league! As mentioned before, we are also open to move all of our players to Asia in order to have the best possible practice environment for the event.

Q: Could you share any future plans of mTwWC3 department with us?

T: We will participate in all major Tournaments hopefully and also set up a system to give new players a chance to become a pro. We want to give them the environment to grow and enrich their skills and perhaps even have some kind of program for it to support them on their way to the top. Having our current team of very experienced pro in mTw will certainly help for that!

Q: Let us discuss the manager: Tak3r. He was the best ORC in the past in age of ROC. We know he has left WC3 for a long time. This time why he comes back to lead Team mTw?

T: Ohh I think it is not true that I was the best Orc in Reign of Chaos! But thanks for saying that hehe. I stopped playing WC3 in 2006 after having some successful years, attending WCG in 2003 (so happy to see they added WC3 for their new 2019 event!) and the ACON4 Tournament in China in 2004. I decided to focus on a real life job at that time and became interested in other hobbies such as sports, guitar and most of all: traveling! I actually traveled the world for over three years in a row and managed to see 103 countries so far (List here: https://www.chrisontour84.de/travelreports/).

The reason I came back to mTw and WC3 is that it has been such a long time already and after Blizzard invited me to the Warcraft 3 Invitational with great oldschool and newschool players, I realized how much I missed being on eSport events and the special atmosphere there. mTw’s offer to be part of the team again came at the perfect timing, leading to my decision to devote some of my time for Gaming again and help them to grow mTw in the WC3 scene. My dream would be to be part of WCG 2019 as the Team captain for the German WC3 team, where can I apply for that please? ;)

(A part of Tak3r's list of global travel)

Q: Last question, how do you think about WC3:Reforged?

T: I think it helps a lot to bring back new life into the scene and I think it looks great zoomed in. I am a bit worried that the overall gameplay might suffer a bit with all the new graphics and bigger unit models etc. Blizzard also made news firing people, but I hope that this will not negatively impact the development of WC3:Reforged. Should they do a good job with it and the scene loves it, I would love to see WC3:R as one of the top games in 2020 and going forward!

Q: In the end, do you still have any words want to say to fans or us?

T: Thanks for everyone who is supporting us from China and I hope we can bring you many good games and great WC3 moments in the future! mTw fighting!

Thanks to accept our interview! Best wishes! GLHF!

(The following part translated by GLH)

War3station: In the future, it is too difficult to support and make a reconstruction of the Warcraft III professional e-sports system, if we are relying only on Chinese Warcraft, an internationalized Warcraft III environment is indispensable. And in the case of the overall situation of the European Warcraft III environment is not good, MTW has become a team to explore, it is a courage to take the lead in establishing a true professional team, establishing a base in China and South Korea, and to train new players as their future goals. We wish them to go further on the road ahead! The revival of Warcraft, China, Europe, Korea, and the United States are indispensable!

mTw official website: http://www.mymtw.com

Tak3r's Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/towertak3r