About 120, some people say 120 didn't play well in team competition always, however 120 use the clan war in NeXT to prove himself. Compare with two years ago, 120 are maturer and more reliable, and we were having an interview with him to talk about the clan war this time.

Q: In this time, we almost win against Team Korea, which part do you think you were play badly?

120: Scouting, in the third round, I didn't see the number of Huntresses, and I lost a lot in the mid game, and this made me so hard in the late game.

Q: On the first day, why aren't you play for 1v1?

120: At the first, I am the fourth, and Colorful weren't on the list, however, according to the rules, all the players must be on the list, so Colorful replace me, because we believe that Fly and me will win in 2v2.

Q: In 2v2 games, Fly and you played so well when you were facing the base run by ON(Orc + NE), your decision may be called textbook, how both of you communicate and decide together?

120: OU aren't afraid ON's base run, because we are the advantaged site when you fight separately, so we are the advantaged site if we can catch up with them.

Q: In KOF games, you won two players, but you lose the game to Lyn in the third game, we can see UD are becoming harder in patch 1.30, how do you say about the changes of UD?

120: The Orb, Destroyer and Frost Wyrm have been nerfed, the direct fight will be harder for UD, nowadays, UD have to focus on the early game and do better in details, try to get advantage in the early game.

Q: Before the games, nobody know Colorful is able to carry Team China, do you have anything to say to Colorful?

120: I always know that Colorful is a great player, I believe the gold will shine, thank Colorful made the clan war so suspenseful, get the glory for us, I am sorry that I didn't win the game at the ace match.

Q: In the ace match, most of us thought there would be Lyn for Team Korea, how did you feel when you saw Moon?

120: I thought they would choose Moon before the match, because Moon didn't play many times, and Korean are so united people, however, I heard they decided by paper, scissors, stone......

Q: In your personal opinion, what is the best way from Moon? Which part of him makes you admire most?

120: the changeable from tactics, he can plays a lot of way with one tactics. He always can make the tactic different and special, the opponent will be so hard to guess about he, he is a terrible enemy.

Q: The clan war will be coming, did you think about the revenge?

120: I think that I will win next time for every time.

Q: I heard that you have to work usually, do you have any plan in the future?

120: I feel my life is enriched and I feel happy everyday, just keep going on it.

Q: We saw a lot of fans in this offline tournament in Guang Zhou, say something to the fans who are supporting Team China.

120: Thank a lot to the fans, thank you for coming for us, your shout are our strength!


WGL September Qualifier will start at Sep 30th, the greatest players from China and Korea will come to fight for the chance to the main tournament.

On the first day (Sep 30th), the player who made the buzzer beater in the Clan War, Moon will play the first game tonight, and Tbc_bm will be the unlucky man again, can he break the curse and win against Moon?

We believe the hottest news today must be Moon, in patch 1.30, Moon will bring us different tactics and macro to us!

On the other hand, Xiaokk, Zhouxixi, Fly100% will play tonight too, a lot of people said NE are imba in this patch, so let's watch the battle between Fly and Zhouxixi.

Format of WGL:

[A] Best 32 to best 16: There will be four group for 32 players, 8 players in each group, and we are having double-elimination in the group, the first four players from the group are qualified and move to next round.

[B] Best 16 to best 8: The 16 players who are qualified in [A], will be separated to four group, and we have 4 players in each group, and we are having double-elimination in the group, the first two players in the group are qualified and move to next round.

[C] Best 8 to best 4: those 8 players from [B] will be separated to winner and lower bracket, and the players from winner bracket will face the players from lower bracket, the match up will be drawn. We are having double-elimination until the Grand Final of month race.

Date and Time:

1900 for every night (GMT +8)

Group A: Sep 30th
Group B: Oct 1st
Group C: Oct 2nd
Group D: Oct 3rd
Best 16 to best 8:Oct 4th and 5th
Best 8 to Final: Oct 6th and 7th




First Place: RMB 3,000
Second Place: RMB 1,500
Third Place: RMB 800
Fourth Place: RMB 500

The score for month race:

The score have been changed since July qualifier:

Ranking | Score


Patch 1.30 was updated, 1.29 become the history of Warcraft III. Recalling the tournaments of these five month, the structure of Warcraft III didn't change thoroughly, 120, Lyn, TH000, Infi were still standing on the top. We are going to show you some data about 1.29.


Foreign player had more champion

Lyn, FoCuS, Foggy had the most champion in patch 1.29, these tell us that they are strong, and they are really hardworking. Especially Foggy and FoCuS, we may call them the normal of worker, they played in all games even the small tournaments.

Ranking of patch 1.29
Player     |     Champion     |     Runner-up

Chinese players had good result in big tournaments

There were only two offline tournaments in patch 1.29, GCS and Master's Coliseum, and Chinese Players won the champion for these two games. We may say, those players didn't play with 100% strength because they were playing game and streaming at the same time, and the prizes of offline tournaments stimulated them.

In the rank of award money, 120 win over Lyn with 15137 US Dollars, meanwhile Infi and TH000 just place under them. Although the result looks so-so, and the prizes of Master Coliseum are so much.

Ranking of patch 1.29 (Award Money)
          Player               |    Prizes (US Dollars)

The patch for Orc and NE, only the leader still survived for HU and UD

After the race war recently, we may know the strength of Orc and NE are stronger a lot than UD and HU, only Infi and TH000 for HU, and 120 only for UD, this gap may be bigger in patch 1.30.


Patch 1.29 is just a transition period, Warcraft III will be more interesting in the future

For conclusion, patch 1.29 changed Warcraft III, the game that stop changing for long time, and a lot of bench hero get their work, and some new tactics had created. Although some buff was too strong, like the Healing Spray from Alchemist, and the Thunder Clap from Mountain King, and these had been fixed in patch 1.30.

We may say the time for Warcraft III is coming back, the intervention of our Daddy Blizzard make Warcraft III become activated again. We expect Warcraft III will be better in the future.


What can I say? It's so worth that you were here.

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(Moon, Jang Jae Ho, time and result will not effect our love)

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"Warcraft III" 
Clan War of China vs Korea

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