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After four months of games, W-League will end. Compared to Super League, the results of First Division have been a lot more unpredictable, and the games tonight will solve all the questions.

*Note: The games from Super League have been postponed to 3 January 2019, because Foggy is coming to China.


Highlights Today:

Four player are fighting for the first place!

On the scoreboard, Lucifer and Chaemiko are leading with 5-2. Meanwhile, Zhouxixi and Sok are with 4-2 are trailing right behind them. Theoretically, each of these four players has the chance to get the first place.

So, the games Sok vs Chaemiko, and Zhouxixi vs Lucifer will be very important since they will likely decide the first place.

If Sok beats Chaemiko, and loses to Colorful, Zhouxixi beats Lucifer, and loses to Soin, then Sok, Chaemiko, Zhouxixi, Lucifer, and Colorful will all have a score of 5-3. In such case the first place will be decided by points, and if they are still equal - based on the direct results between them.

Could Colorful advance to the offline finals?

Up to now Colorful has lost 3 games, so it's would be very hard to get the first place, although it's still possible for him to advance to the playoffs.

In addition to the scenario we mentioned above, there is another scenario where Sok loses to Chaemiko and Colorful, and Zhouxixi loses to Lucifer. In this scenario Colorful and Zhouxixi will both have a score of 5-3, and based on their direct clash, Colorful would get second place. This scenario is very possible!

Who will be relegated - Soin or Xiaokk?

One of these two players will get dropped from First Division. Xiaokk has already completed all of his games, so the pressure lies on Soin.

In the last game, Soin will play against Zhouxixi. Soin has a disadvantage based on the points system, so the only way for him to not be relegated would be if he wins versus Zhouxixi. However, the NE vs Orc match-up is really hard for him, and at the same time Zhouxixi will try his best in order to help his friend (Xiaokk).

Soin just signed with team LF, but will he be dropped immediately? This would be so cruel.




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