Original Author: TH000(video), War3station(summary)
Translator: GLH

After a long wait, patch 1.30.4 was finally updated on Netease platform.
Let's see how TH000 talk about the changes.

We made a summary about what TH000 said in the video.

1. Kotg+Alchemist combo may be disappeared.

Kotg's cast range is reduced, and the damage of Alchemist's Acid Bomb is weakened, these changes made these two heroes weaker than patch 1.30.1, at the same time, Night Elves may play with Demon Hunter first or Warden first, probably Panda Second.
Kotg may be summoned only on the map that easy to get to level 3.

2. Spell Breakers get a really big buff.

When Human faces the summoning heroes, once it comes to the Tier 2, then Spell Breaker will play an unparalleled role. The Water Elemental of the Archmage, the Wolves of the Far Seer, the Skeletons of the Undead, and the Treants of the Kotg will basically be useless, and Human will be very strong in direct fight.

At the same time, the Dispel of Priests will no longer matter.

3. Night Elves get nerfed in overall.

Besides Kotg and Alchemist, the Glaive Throwers, Huntresses, Mountain Giants get nerfed, this change will effect the game of Night Elf vs Orc and Night Elf vs Human.

For example, Huntresses's Owl has to be upgraded now, it will be influential when Night Elf is playing against Blade Master, if Night Elf wants to expand in Tier 1, the timing will be fixed, this make the Orc is easier to get the chance to harass.
The food cost of MG is increased, this change makes Night Elf be weaker when they are using this unit to play against Human, they may consider to use Bears and Dryads again.
For Night Elf Mirror, we may not see mass Glaive Throwers mirror again.

However, these changes may not effect Night Elf vs Undead, Night Elves may still keep bullying the Undeads.

4. Human players have to create the strategies with Blood Mage.

Flame Strike will be useful in direct fight, and you can also use it to kill Peasants and Peons, meanwhile, Alchemist is nerfed, Human players really need to create some strategies with Blood Mage.

5. Human can try to replace the Guard Towers with Cannon Towers, when they are playing against Undead.

Two Cannon Towers may be as strong as 7-8 Guard Towers, and you can spend the other resources on Flying Machines to fight against Destroyers. But, this is basing on that you can expand and finish the Workshop successfully.

6. Necropolis and Acolytes rush is useless now.

Seems Blizzard doesn't like this strategy.

7. The Orcs have to face their nightmare again.

The opponents will go to cancel the Orcs' buildings again.

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