Infi vs a gamer on NetEase Ladder
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Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

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Nov 28th
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Nov 29th
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Nov 30th
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Dec 1st
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Commentators and caster of China

Snowkiss will be the host on the stage.


Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

We always have the banner and board to support the players in China. In this time, a lot of fans and fans clubs are working for that with War3station!

(Moon, Jang Jae Ho, time and result will not effect our love)

For Lucifer

Time: Nov 28th to Nov 29th
Lucifer Fans Club will come to the hall and give their support to their idol.

Tools: LED board with cute avatar, and 50 pairs of purple supporting baton!

For 120

Time: Dec 1st to 2nd, and Dec 5th to 8th (depends the game of 120)
The most famous member from Newbee, Ms.Guan Bo Jun will be in the hall, and she will give you the supporting banners from Newbee, give your support to our King of Poser!

Ms.Guan Bo Jun from Newbee

Attention! When Newbee.120 and New.Lawliet are playing, the fans in the hall can join the lucky draw, we have a Newbee official mascot for each day!

For TeD

Time: Dec 8th 1630(GMT +8)
TeD fans club always ask TeD to give back their Fish Ball[1], and they used 20 LED boards with "Give my Fish Ball back to me!", and now they get the responds from TeD.

Remarks[1]: Fish Ball is a food in China. The virtual money on Douyu also named Fish Ball, and you can use it to play gambling on Douyu.

TeD will cook make the octopus balls and give it to you himself, he will make 100 plates of them and give them to you at the entrance.

Octopus ball

War3station and fans

Time: Dec 7th to 8th
Do you remember the special support in SC2? In this time, War3station has prepared WGL LOGO and a lot of papers with Cheer for War3, you can write on the middle of the paper, and War3station will capture this moment.

War3station also prepared 1000 supporting baton and other tools(Temporary confidentiality).
Let's cheer for War3 with your loudest voice!

Player sign

War3station     BIU-Cheer for War3!

On Dec 8th, the most popular member in War3station, Ms.Xiao Ju will be at the entrance and give you the supporting tools, you can go there and see her if you want!

How to support in home?

Official website prepared a online event with prizes too, you may get the rewards if you get the answer! Click this Link to join this event!
You may get the shirt with the champion race!


Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

These photos was provided by the WGL official
Please don't reprint without official authorization.

















sini (I fall in love)





***TH and 120 didn't reach yet.


NE may be lost their hero sometimes, especially when they are having advantage, so this make the game full of suspense, make the game like a drama, so the audiences in China always say the NE players were actor.

TH000 vs Romantic on Ladder.
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