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Super WGL will be hosted by NetEase on 11 January 2019, and the list of invited players has just been announced. TH000, Fly, Infi, and Colorful will fight for the Super WGL championship title.

These four players will play in a Round Robin BO3 (best-of-three) system online. The first two will then advance to the Grand Final. The schedule for the online round is yet to be confirmed.

GK.TH000 (2018 WGL Summer Championship)
Fly100% (2018 WGL Summer Runner-up)
RW.Infi (2018 WGL Winter 3rd Place)
Colorful (2018 WGL Winter Top 8)

- First Round: Round Robin BO3 (best-of-three) system, the first two advance to the Grand Final.
- Grand Final: BO5

Champion: 60,000 yuan (~US$8,600)
Runner-up: 30,000 yuan (~US$4,300)


Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

On 14 December, the voting for "NeXT: The Most Handsome Player" was closed officially. Lyn was leading with many votes initially. However, 120 overtook him in the last day, and won the title "Most Handsome Player" in NeXT.

If you remember, 120 voted for himself. This is how he commented on the final scores:

Of course, many fans agreed with the result, but there were some who objected to it. For example:

It is possible that 120 would need to thank the makeup artist in NeXT. If it was not for the photo below, he might have not beaten Lyn in this voting competition:

Because that is how he normally looks like:

Evolution (or devolution) of 120's outlook:

Meanwhile, NeXT qualifier will start at 4pm (GMT+8) today. During the first day we will see the matches from Group A and Group B, TH000, Lawliet, FoCuS, Check, and others, will show their skills in these games.

Official Stream:

Schedule: (GMT+8)
The qualifiers will take place on 15 and 16 December, and on each day the games will start at 4pm (GMT+8).

(Online Qualifier)
The remaining 6 players that don't get voted in as Team Leaders will play a qualifier together with 10 players that will be invited by NeXT. These 16 players will be separated into 4 groups of 4 players randomly, and they will play in a round robin system, each match being in best-of-3 format. The best two players of each group will qualify for the offline tournament.