Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Douyu Yule Cup, a tournament hosted by Douyu, and organized by OBGAME, War3station, which will be held from March 11th to March 23rd. The 16 players from China, Europe and South Korea will once again gather together to compete for the championship of the first major tournament after 2019 Chinese New Year.

Currently, the application of Yule Cup qualifier is opening. On March 11th, the qualifier will be started and the top 4 will be able to advance to the main tournament.
In the Thunder Fire Cup, BO had a great performance and surprised all the audiences after the qualifier, let's see who will be the next to create a miracle this time.

Link to registration: http://www.dianjingquan.cn/matchDetail.html?id=5842#/

Remark: If you don't have a Chinese phone number, please contact GLH on discord, then provide your race(I mean on Warcraft), ID(QQ and NetEase platform) to the Admin, Aragorn Wong, we will help you to contact the staff in China who calls 托尔金(Tolkien), he will help you to register the game.
Discord of GLH: https://discordapp.com/invite/PdaBwSJ

Invitation list:
China: RW.Infi, RW.Fly100%, RW.TH000,, Newbee.eer0, WFZ, Colorful
Europe: Foggy
Korea: Moon, Newbee.Lyn, Newbee.LawLiet, FoCuS, mTw.Lucifer

Schedule and Format of Qualifier
11th Mar, 1900 (GMT+8): Ro64 to Ro8
12th Mar, 1900 (GMT+8): Ro8 to Ro4

-Bo3(Best of 3), single elimination, the first 4 players advance to the Group stage.

-There will have 16 players in the tournament, 12 of them will be directly invited, and the other 4 will be decided by the qualifier.

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