Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

After a break of more than two months, NeXT is back! In the summer, Moon won the tie breaker game and helped Team South Korea get the title in the NetEase Esports X Tournament (against Team China). This winter, NeXT will organize another tournament with a different format. There will be four teams that will play in this upcoming edition of NeXT.

The 10 players that participated in the NeXT summer edition, TH000, Infi, Fly, 120, Colorful, Lyn, Moon, FoCuS, Lawliet, Soin, will be enlisted as potential candidates for the 4 Team Leader positions, and the fans will be to vote for their favorite player!

The 4 players with most votes will become the Team Leaders. Once this is done, NeXT will invite 10 additional players who will play in a qualifier tournament against the remaining 6 players (the ones that were not chosen as team leaders). This qualifier tournament will be in a round robin format, and 8 of the players will qualify for the offline finals. At the finals, the Team Leaders will be able to choose 2 of these qualified players to play for their teams.

Online Qualifier: 15-16 December 2018
Offline Finals: 20-21 January 2019

Voting System and Format
You can vote for your favourite player from the page below.
Time of vote: 7-12 December 2018

Online Qualifier:
The remaining 6 players that don't get voted in as Team Leaders will play a qualifier together with 10 players that will be invited by NeXT. These 16 players will be separated into 4 groups of 4 players randomly, and they will play in a round robin system, each match being in best-of-3 format. The best two players of each group will qualify for the offline tournament.

Offline Finals:
There will be 4 teams with 3 players in each team. The tournament will be played in double elimination format, and conquest mode.

Prizes (per team):
Total prizes: 100,000 RMB (US$14,500)
Champion: 50,000 RMB (US$7,250)
Runner-up: 25,000 RMB (US$3,625)
Third place: 15,000 RMB (US$2,200)
Fourth place: 10,000 RMB (US$1,450)


Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Moon was born in 1986, he is 32 years old; Lyn was born in1987, he is 31 years old.

In the Quarter Final, Moon and Lyn won their opponent, Fly and Focus, and advanced to the Semi Final. Although both of them are over 30 years old, they are still staying in a good state, and having powerful skills. They got so much great results in their career, we believe they will add one more in this time.

After these 10 years, they are not only opponents but also brothers.

They will meet each other in Semi Final

In fact, Lyn and Moon didn't win the game easily, Focus and Fly made a lot of troubles to them. In the first round of Lyn vs Focus, Focus was the disadvantaged site in the early game, but he stole the Crystal Ball, and use it for the Boots of Quel'Thalas, at last, Lyn's army fought with the worse formation and order, and lost the first round.

Moon also lost the first round, Fly was bullied by the NE before this series, however Fly was having a good state when he was playing with Moon, he did a great harassment in the early game, good decision and strategy in mid game, Fly let Moon had so much troubles.

When Moon and Lyn fell behind with 0-1, both of them looked nervous and serious, but they adjusted themselves very soon, and won the following three games in a row.

Is there any secret to keep in good state?

When you review the players in Warcraft III, Lyn and Moon are the oldest players besides Lucifer and Check.

No one can be young forever, somehow some people will make you thought they could do it. In these few years, they were having the second peak of their career. In WCA, Lyn got 9-0 in the KOF series; in NeXT, Moon won against 120 and helped Korean Team won the tournament. Both of them always have the chance for the title in the tournaments, and they are the biggest opponent to Chinese Team.

When we asked them how to keep in a good state, Moon and Lyn said: Keep thinking, learning and practicing. Even though they are famous, and they had a lot of honor in their career, but they are still working like a new player, they watch and learn the other players' games, and keep thinking the new strategies and tactics. Although their training time became shorter, but they still stick to the game always.

After these ten years, they are still the best friends.

(After these ten years, they are still the best friends)

In the tournaments, they are the opponent to each other. In MCG 2007, Lyn defeated Moon with 4-0 and said, "If Blizzard doesn't want to buff Orc, I will buff it myself", then he stepped into the list of top players.

Besides the tournaments, they are the best friend over ten years, they were teammates, and lived together, and they drank, practiced, and became the great players together.

For Lyn, Moon is just like his elder brother, when he just became a professional player, Moon was already a famous player in the world, that's why he wanted to become a player like Moon, he wanted to became as powerful as Moon. For Moon, Lyn is like his family too.

Never give up

(You are never defeated in my mind)

When they talked about the future, they were shocked because of the young player, as a senior player, they are having much more experiences, and the young player scare nothing, this is the biggest enemy for the senior players.

Someone asked Moon and Lyn, when will they stop playing? Both of them gave the same answer, "When I have no chance for champion anymore", which means, if they are still having the chance to get the champion, they will never give up, and keep fighting in the game.

In these past few years, we said so many"Good bye" to the players, it's lucky for us that Lyn and Moon are still playing in tournaments, so, let's enjoy and watch how they will write for their last few chapters of their career.

At Dec 7th 1800, Moon and Lyn will play on the stage, and the winner will advance to the Grand Final, we hope they will have their best performance.

The song that Lyn sang is called "淘汰", which means "Elimination".
You may listen it on youtube:
And I found a English lyrics on the internet