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NeXT'2018 Winter Warcraft entered the Grand Final. Before the games, our reporter interviewed the game's commentator, the Warcraft legend, MagicYang. In the interview, Magic Yang mentioned several key points that Warcraft III will return in this year, let's take a look!

Q: How did you feel about returning to the familiar interpretation stage during the NeXT2018 winter?

M: I recently returned to the commentary, and I participated in the Super WGL Finals and NeXT's game commentary. The reason why I came back is because I still love Warcraft. At the same time, I also hope to come back to meet old and new friends. First, I want to see if everyone still likes my casting style, and I hope that I can do my own little power for this game.

Q: You are now working behind the scenes, have you considered any Warcraft III related business in the future?

M: Two years ago, I just turned into a behind-the-scenes work. At that time, we held a Nostalgic Battlefield in Harbin and invited some very famous players to participate, such as Moon, Grubby, Infi, TH000 and so on.

Now that we are considering the direction of the Reforged Edition, we hope to start with periodic small events and RPG-type maps. At the beginning we had a game called Dragon Wing Chronicles(龙翼编年史), we are considering whether to transfer it to Warcraft III: Reforged.

Q: What do you think about the upcoming Warcraft: Reforged Edition? Do you think it will make Warcraft III popular again?

M: In fact, this still depends on the cooperation of the electric competition. At present, NetEase has announced the WAR3 event plan for 2019, including 5 million yuan of special prizes for the event. I am more optimistic about whether it can be popular again.

For new players, the Reforged Edition is a brand new game, and the game has a high prizes. In addition, Warcraft III does not have as many professional players as other games that are mature now.

So it is more attractive for new players to choose Warcraft III: Reforged as a new eSports project.
For the old players, I think the screen upgrade of these old RPG maps, melee games will attract them to return. From the situation I understand, the Netease official battle platform has had a significant increase in traffic for the past two months, so I think Warcraft III will definitely be popular again.

Q: In NeXT'2018 winter Warcraft III, there are only four Chinese players, but there are many Korean players. In terms of the overall professional level of Warcraft III, China and Korea, which one do you think is stronger?

M: In fact, from the top players, the level of China and Korea is still very close. As for the offline events, we are more concerned about the players themselves.

Q: Warcraft III has been in development for many years, but there are only few new players have appeared in recent years. What are your views and methods for cultivating a new generation of players?

M: At the current stage of e-sports, new players are not like ours, we are only going to play with a passion. Nowadays, it is more formalized. In fact, it is a good opportunity for recruiting new players in this year. With the launch of Reforged Edition, many large professional clubs in China have established Warcraft department, such as RW, Newbee. For the young players, the recruitment of these regular clubs is not only guaranteed, but also less worrying.

The second is that this year's event has a high bonus, which will attract many new players, and more people will choose to strive for the standing of the top players. In fact, the current professional players grew up slowly under the pressure of the older players.

In this year, Warcraft III will have a lot of new players. Maybe these young players can't beat the top players in a short time, but the young players will cause a lot of troubles for these top players in the game. They must be able to intensify the competition.

Q: Do you think that Warcraft III can open up new development space in the game mode, such as FFA, 5v5, 2v2v2, etc. Can these format bring a fresh feeling to the game?

M: In fact, these formats have been tried in previous games, but from the results, these formats are more suitable for RPG. Because the existing 1v1 and 2v2games, they have formed a system that is very standard and the audience has become accustomed to. If you add more formats, first of all, the game duration will be lengthened, second, the game viewing will be limited. For example, the FFA of 8 players, where should the caster go? The attention of the audience will also be dispersed.

But these formats are quite promising in RPG, as the previous Dota did. For the Warcraft III tournaments, in addition to considering the competitive nature of professional players, we must also consider the feelings of the audiences. For the new format, it is difficult to find a solution that satisfies both parties in a short time.

Q: What do you think of the atmosphere and venue of NeXT winter in this time? If you have a chance to come again next time, would you like to come here again?

M: This competition is very good, the area, stage and lighting of the venue are very good. Additionally, I really enjoy the atmosphere of here, the seats in the venue were full, especially this event was a comprehensive project.

In fact, many fans and audiences are not coming for Warcraft III, but they may be attracted to watch Warcraft III. So I am very willing to come to the next competition.

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