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The WGL Warcraft III-Secondary League is part of the NetEase Gold Series. This tournament is designed to select more potential players for the World Golden League.
The 2019 WGL Warcraft III-Secondary League will be divided into two seasons, with the first season from February to May and the second season from July to October.


Each competition will have two groups of open and professional division.

The Professional Division has a total of 16 players. In the first competition, 16 players will be selected according to the points in 2018 successively. The last 4 players in each competition will be eliminated and the top 4 players in the Open Division will be promoted.

The Open Division has a total of 32 players, and selects the top players (according to the points) in the form of self-registration.

The tournament is divided into Group stage and Playoff:

Group Stage(Online):
1) The open division and the professional division are divided into four groups, 8 players in each group in the open group, and 4 players in each group in the professional group.

2) The two top players of each group will advance to the playoffs.

3) BO3(Best of 3), double elimination.

1) The 8 players were divided into two groups, and they will play the games with BO3, double elimination.

2) The Top 2 players from each group will advance to Semi Final.

3) For Semi Final to Grand Final, the games will go with BO5 and single elimination.


1) This tournament will be based on the latest patch of Warcraft III. Please note that when the Warcraft III: Reforged is available, the game will be played with the Reforged Edition. The time for the specific update of the patch will be adjusted by the official according to the actual situation.

2) Service: NetEase platform

3) Maps Pool (It will be updated according to the patch.)

(2) Amazonia (1.30)
(2) Concealed Hill (1.30)
(2) EchoIsles (1.30)
(2) LastRefuge-1.3 (1.30)
(2)Nothern Isles (1.30)
(2) TerenasStand LV (1.30)
(4) TwistedMeadows (1.30)

W/L judgment: When a player is dismantled all buildings, the game system will judge him to lose the game; and if the player type out GG and quit the game, his opponent wins the game.

Abstention judgment: If the player does not check in the specified time, he will be judged as abstaining; if a player abandons the game twice and more than two times, he will be given a penalty for this serious case.
Players are not allowed to change races during the countdown, otherwise they will be considered as abstained.

Disconnection judgment: If a player intentionally disconnects or uses abnormal measures to cause disconnection without getting consent of the referee, after verification, he will be deemed to be fouled and sentenced to loss;
If the game does not work properly due to tech, network, etc. during the game, the race committee will decide whether to AG.

Race: Players can change their races during the tournaments, but only one race is allowed in a BO3 / BO5 / BO7 series, and "random" is considered as a race.

5) Map Banning and Picking

a) Group stage: For BO3, let say Player A is the first player to ban the map, B is the second one, the two players will be randomly selected as A or B before the game.

The banning order will be A B B A, which means Player A will ban a map first, after that, Player B will ban two maps, then Player A will ban a map again. So, Player A and B will ban two maps each in a BO3 series.

After map banning, Player A will pick the "loser map" first (this map will be used if he loses), then, Player B will pick his loser map, and the map didn't be banned and picked will be the first map of the series.

b) Playoffs: For BO5, both players choose to be A or B by flipping the coin. Then both sides ban one map, and they will pick their loser map.
So, the order will be:
A bans a map;
B bans a map,
A picks his first loser map,
B picks his first and second loser map,
A picks his second loser map, and the remaining one is the first map.

After that, the game will use the map selected by the loser, and the order is according to their picks.

For BO7, there is no Map banning, and the referee will select a map randomly as the first map.

6) Game Pause
During the game, if the player is unable to continue the game for a special situation, he can choose to pause. If the quota of pauses of the player in the game has been used up, he need to play "PP", the referee will suspend the game, and wait for both players to continue to play after the players are ready.

7) Late for the game
Players who are late for 15 minutes will automatically be sentenced a single game loss.
Players who are late for 30 minutes and above will automatically be sentenced a loss for the entire series.

Attentions For Players

1) The players shall follow the corresponding laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and the local authorities.

2) The players should respect the fairness of e-sports, the players are not allowed to do any unfair and harmful cheating, including but not limited to: participation in gambling, hacking, exploiting loopholes, peeking, instead playing by others, collude with the third parties and soon. Once the above actions are identified, they will be deprived of their qualifications immediately and they have to pay respective responsibilities.

3) For players who are maliciously abandoning the game or having passive play (Appendix 1), according to the circumstances, the official will punish them.

4) The referee will warn of any inappropriate and unfair risk behavior, disregard warning or secondary behavior will get deprived the qualification, meanwhile, it will affect the priority of the WGL, those with a particularly serious case will be blacklisted.

5) Players should cooperate with the organizer's request to participate in various activities related to the event, including photos, promotional videos, interviews, etc.

6) The players agrees that the organizer uses their portrait in this competition and agrees that the organizer uses his portrait for activities related to this event. At the same time, the organizer also agrees that they will not use the portrait of the player in any way that is discriminatory or malicious.

7) During the event, if the players has any questions or suggestions, they should apply to the organizer of the event first, without the permission of the organizer of the event, the players are not allowed to post disharmony that is unfriendly to the organizer and relevant representatives. According to the case, the official has the right to retain or cancel the qualifications of the players and get back the prizes of the tournament.

Prizes and Points

(Appendix 1)
Malicious abandonment
When a player is successfully advanced, because of the individual's or groups' interests, maliciously abandon of the game and affects the progress of the tournament, the tournament committee will impose a penalty for the case according to the circumstances.

Passive play
During the tournament, the players take a passive attitude in the games because of the individual's or groups' interests. For the players with passive play, the tournament committee will impose a penalty for the case according to the circumstances.

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