Original Author: War3sation
Translator: GLH

On 18 Dec, Super WGL Qualifier will be started at 1500 (GMT+8), TH000, Infi, Fly and Colorful will play in a Round Robin BO3(best of 3) system online, this qualifier will decide the first two players of Super WGL and they will advance to the Super WGL Grand Final.

In this tournament, only the first two players are able to get prizes, so all the games today will be so important. Theoretically, Infi and TH000 are the players who are having the biggest chance to advance to the Grand Final, Fly may surround by three Night Elves, the situation look so bad for Fly.


Schedule(18 Dec 2018, GMT +8):

There are no Streaming for this tournament, Players may show the replays after the games, and you can get the replays on the WGL official website.

Round Robin and BO3(Best of 3), the first two player will advance to the Grand Final
The Grand Final will be BO5(Best of 5)

Champion: 60,000 Yuan
Runner -up: 30,000 Yuan

Super WGL'2018 feat Gold Annual Awards

Super WGL'2018 feat Gold Annual Awards will be hosted by NetEase at 11th Jan 2019 to 12th Jan 2019, and the Grand Final of Super WGL will play at 11th Jan, by the time, the great Chinese players from Hearthstone, Warcraft III, Starcraft II, and Heroes of the Storm will come and gather together, fight for the Prizes and the Champion of the Year.

Gold Annual Awards will be hosted at 12th Jan 2019, this is a event for praising the players, streamers, and the others who are having contribution to their community, this Awards are the greatest honor for Blizzard games in China!

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