Original Author and Translator: War3station, CNwar3
Porter and Translator: GLH

Remark by GLH: B2W and some of the fans were writing in English, so I am just copying, I just translated the question that written in Chinese.

Recently, the famous European Warcraft commentator Back2Warcraft, Neo and Remo came to CNwar3 and interacted with the fans of Warcraft. In the interactions, Neo and Remo expressed their opinion on some question such as patch 1.30, Foggy, and the European Warcraft environment.

Let's come and read some highlighted question.

Greetings Neo & Remo! I am impressed by your streaming technique! How can you display all important data of a game (levels of heroes, their experience, and the skills they have learned) at the left side of the screen? Do you guys write such a program? Thanks for your time in advance!

B2W: Ni hao ma Harry[1], thank you for your question! Neo here
I'm pretty proud of this software solution we build. We are, as far as i know, the only people in the world using this. Since 1.29 (or 1.30, not sure), War3 provides an API that hands out such information. It took us forever to find the right values and export the icons from the editor. We have more plans for the future, such as production of units, buildings and upgrades, a graph that displays the mined gold and so on. The power of this tool is basically unlimited and we hope to create an insightful UI, similar to Starcraft2 or Dota2. If you have any suggestions, just let us know!

Also, we can grab data from Liquipedia, to show a players recent results, a tournament bracket, map picks and bans and so on. I think it's really important to provide the viewer with as much information as possible, so he learns more about the players, the scene and the game in general.

We did not code the program ourselves, but hired an expert for it. Chris has been an amazing partner since 2016 and we're glad to be working with him!

Thank you for watching our streams harry, especially with all the great chinese casters you have!

Remark by GLH[1]: ."ni hao ma" means 你好吗, which means how do you do, and "Ni hao" means Hi.

1. Is the European War3 environment better than before? Will there be a large offline tournament in the future?
2. Are you satisfied with the current patch and the balance?

B2W: Ni hao dog god! Thanks a lot for your questions. Neo here!

1. It's getting better and better, yes. That's mostly due to people like Ugrilainen, David, HundredKG and x3-Demon. Now we have some things that did not exist before:
- A homepage like War3Station called Warcraft3.info, it's really really good and provides a lot of news and information
- A great team of admins and organizers, who are working for fun but act very professionally
- Players that can make a steady income with War3, due to their success in tournaments (Foggy) or team support (HawK & Cash)
- A team league that will hopefully build a better foundation of tier2 and tier3 players

We still lack skills in sales, meaning that our prize money is oftentimes depending on private sponsors. I want some companies to invest into Warcraft again and I'm pretty sure we can make it work! Keke and her team are a great inspiration, because they work so hard and successfully. We want to be like that.

Another problem is hosting on Battle.net. Prior to patch 1.30.3, we used host-bots and were able to provide fair conditions to every player outside China. Now, Blizzard killed the host-bots (I'm sure they have good reasons), but the server structure is not good enough. we have one server in the US, one in Europe and one in South Korea. So for matches between Russia and South Korea, it's just not possible to have a fast and fair server. that hurts competition a lot and there is nothing we can do to change that except hope for a solution by Blizzard.

2. 1.30.4 is already better than the version that is currently played on Netease, but it still has flaws. I'm a little sick of KotG, Glaive Throwers and Mountain Giants, but you know what?
I love that Orc can play BM, FS and even SH first. I like to see different starting heroes, not only BM, DH, DK & AM all the time. I love Lucifer's Undead play with mass ghouls or even fast expansion. It's refreshing to see changes and see an evolving meta, but Blizzard seriously has some more work to do!

Night Elf is a the only great race in patch 1.30. In Asia, the patch imbalance has been recognized by most professional and amateur players, but it is not consistent in Europe. Both sides are represented by ToD and Foggy, and seems you are biased that NE is a balanced race, I would like to ask that:
(1) Are you NE players?
(2) Are you a "cloud" player?[2]
(3) What is your relationship with Foggy and ToD?
(4) Do you know that Foggy said "Human players didn't work hard", and it has become one of the big memes of Warcraft in Patch 1.30?

B2W: Ni hao Charlie! thank you for your questions, Neo here!

1. No, we both play UD
2. I don't know if I understand your questions correctly, but let me take a guess:
I'm mostly watching games and tournaments, and not playing too much because I take care of organization, social media and future development of B2W. I try to play 1 hour every day, but it oftentimes doesn't work out. To be honest, I'm embarrassingly bad! But I hope that I create some hype and action on stream, that makes up for it! Remo is our expert, plays a lot and is pretty good!
3. Foggy, we love this guy! It's been so cool to see his development from 2015 until today, his story could fill a documentary. He's always  so professional, funny and hard working. He deserves all the success in the world.
ToD: I met ToD twice, for the TING tournament we did commentary together which i think was really good! I'm very happy that he's back in the Warcraft scenes as he provides an extra flavor that we didn't have before. I'm very sure that we are very different persons and have a lot of different opinions about life and how to handle things. i have much respect for him and his accomplishments, wish him all the best and hope that one day, we'll do commentary together again! I don't know if he feels the same though ^^

4. Yes, thanks to GornLanHabor, we now learn a lot more about Chinese drama than before  That's a very cool project, that translated Chinese news into English for us fans. I'm not sure how to comment on this, as I don't know TH000 or Infi's work ethic and i don't want to judge this. But if you saw the DouyuTV Thunder & Fire Cup, you saw how prepared TH000 was against Moon! I was so impressed, just an unbelievable performance! Both are geniuses and have shown us things, that we've never seen before in War3, so i admire both of them! I got to admit, that they played a lot worse during WGL though, so maybe Foggy's comments ignited their motivation to beat NE again?  I don't know

Remark by GLH[2]: Cloud players means the people who are only watching but not playing, B2W guessed it right.

Hi guys of B2W! If you must choose a male wc3 pro to marry, who and why?

B2W: ahahhaha very good question!

Sorry to disappoint all the other pro-gamers, but LawLiet wins this one for me! He's just the best and makes me laugh all the time. Seeing LawLiet is guaranteed fun and a good time, and that's what's most important to me

How fast that you drive to autobahn in Germany, how fast is the fastest speed? how do you feel to this?

B2W: hahaha another good question, but I don't even have a drivers license! So sorry, I can't answer that, really ^^

I have 2 questions to ask:

1. Can you register an account on Weibo, there are some things you posted on Facebook or Reddit and other foreign websites, you can copy them and post on Weibo, so that you can make Chinese Warcraft fans know some things about the Warcraft in Europe, we are very interested in it (because of the network shielding, what you send in other places I can not see.)

2. We want to know your comments on some big competitions! We are also willing to share our comments! I want to have some interaction with you, like WGL, Thunder&Fire Cup, etc. 

3.Or I hope that you often come to this forum to send something, let us know about it~

B2W: Ni hao hayatahina! so cool to see that you're so interested in what we do!

1. I'd love a weibo account! I tried to create one several times, but always failed. I guess there's a restriction for non-chinese users? Maybe someone can help us!

2. Oh NetEase and War3Station are doing such great work with WGL! It's impressive how they improve every single time. I'm not a fan of round-robin groupstage and single-elimination playoffs myself, but the environment and production is clearly improving and I'm always impressed by their work. 
but what's most important for me at those event is: meeting friends and family!

We visit China since 2014 (for WCA) and are partners of NetEase since 2016. We're not invited because we create any money for them, rather the opposite, but because we share the same dream and passion: the spread the love for War3 everywhere! This goes especially for Keke, who I feel is family for us. It doesn't matter when we contact her or for what reason, she's -always- helping us! And makes us feel home and secure when we're in China. This goes for her entire family and I'm 100% sure Foggy would say the same about her. She's the one and only mother of War3 and I hope we stay in touch until the end of my days.

I love the interaction with Asian players as well. Even though there's a language barrier, we can communicate in broken english or with gestures or via wechat translation and we understand each other and have a good time together. The love for this game unites us all and our brains and minds are somehow connected. At least that's the way I feel about it. 

It's even more beautiful, if the good time we have transcends to other people outside the gaming world. I was standing outside the WGL venue with a Chinese friend, to catch some fresh air, and we were joking about each other and laughing a lot. One Chinese cleaning lady was passing by and it was very obvious that us having a good time made her smile big time. One of the best moments I had during an event!

I think eer0 said it in the documentary that Newbee did at WGL: The best thing about events is meeting and making friends! So if you see us during WGL or whatever happens this year, please come say hello! It doesnt matter if your english is good or not! Our Chinese is way worse  We can use WeChat and talk that way - it's always a big, big pleasure to meet Warcraft fans outside of the cyberspace.

3. If our time allows it, we can definitely visit the forum more often!

Who are the two of you more handsome?

Remo is gifted with beautiful DNA, i stand no chance against his handsomeness =(

Hi, Mr. Neo, Mr. Remo, some players in China who think that the design of the undead is not complete, and there is no certain means of siege. The Frost wyrm is the most expensive and the highest technology required unit for Undead, but their performance is not satisfactory. Can Neo and Remo suggest some amendments or collect some suggestions from European players? At the same time, can you give some comments to Blizzard?

B2W: Ni hao Stiewende! Very interesting question - Neo here!

We can definitely forward feedback to Blizzard, please send your suggestions to Back2Warcraft@gmail.com. 
We oftentimes do this and give our suggestions on things. Some things are very easy, some are more difficult- for example the undead race. Me personally, I rather give feedback on other things than balance, because i don't think i understand the game enough to do so. 

It's true, that UD is very one-dimensional. They lack spells and disabled for sure and rely on explosive timings, so you're always never allowed to make a mistake (except if you Coil+Nova well, lol!)

For more in-depth comments, I'll let Remo do the talking  He will reply later.

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Recently, the WCG Organizing Committee determined that the WCG, which has been suspended for six years will be restarted again. The WCG will be held in the ancient city, Xi'an from July 18th to 21st, 2019. Currently, the organizing committee officially announced "DOTA2" and "王者荣耀" will be included in this tournament, and other related content such as other games will be released later.

At the same time, WCG officially released a new version of the theme song "Beyond the Game", which was remix by Steve Aoki.

(This video is on the WCG Youtube Channel)

On 4th March 2019 (Monday), WCG will publish details such as registration methods, event schedules and rules on their official website.

Previously, the person in charge of Qujiang New District of Xi'an signed the MOU with WCG, said: "WCG is the world's largest e-sports event, and we are very happy to have the chance to host WCG." He went on to say, “We are honored to cooperate with the new WCG. For the success of WCG, we will try our best and support them."

Kwon, Hyuk-Bin, the chairman of the WCG Organizing Committee said: "The reborn of WCG will be a celebration of international e-sports events. In addition to the e-sports competition, we will also prepare some entertainment elements." And he also said, "Xi'an is the holy place of culture and the ancient capital. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Xi'an Municipal Government for their support, they are going to show diverse and new content for WCG."

World Cyber Games (WCG) was founded in 2000 and ended in 2013, it was a global e-sports event and it was called "E-sports Olympics", StarCraft II, Warcraft III, League of Legends, DOTA2 and many other games have all been listed as competitions.

WCG was started from the "WCG Challenge Competition" in 2000, and lasted until 2013 in Kunshan, China. After 14 years, it became the world's largest e-sports competition. After the WCG was stopped in 2014, many e-sports fans felt deeply regretful. However, in March 2017 Smilegate Holdings acquired the trademark rights of WCG and announced the restart of the event. The new WCG will satisfy the needs of e-sports fans around the world, and they plan to start the selection from national regional trials. The WCG already confirmed the venue and schedule, they will publish the announcement with other related content such as the competition in the future.

Steve Aoki is a world-class DJ and has been named one of the top five most paid DJs in the world by Forbes. He is also one of the hardest working DJs in the world, he was nominated twice for the producer/DJ Grammy Award. Nowadays, he is one of the most successful American cross-type artists.

The WCG's theme song "Beyond the Game" was originally a rock music with a favorite chorus, and all WCG e-sports fans can sing at least a few words. Steve Aoki reinterpreted the theme song and made it a more modern adaptation of EDM. Steve Aoki released this song on his own social networking site to show his love for new theme song and his expectations for WCG.