1. WCG Chinese Qualifier: TH000, TeD, Infi advanced to the Regional Final.
2. H&W: Results of Semi Finals.
3. H&W: Games today. (No spoiler)
4. Sam Cup#8 is coming!
5. WGL European will be continued today, Foggy drops to the Lower Bracket!

WCG Chinese Qualifier: 
TH000, TeD, Infi advanced to the Regional Final.

After a few weekends, finally we have the Top 8 of WCG Chinese qualifier, the winners advanced to the Regional Final and they will play with Round Robin, (Bo1)Best of one. The Top 2 players will advance to the WCG main event in Xi’an.

H&W: Results of Semi Finals.

(This news is from War3station, and translated by GLH. Click here to the Source.)

Sorry I changed my strategy again.

The first semi-final was unfolded between Lawliet and Lyn. While the Orcs are constantly developing new strategies, like Shadow Hunter and Pit Lord combo, the Night Elves is constantly improving at the same time. In this series, Lawliet chose to play with double Ancients of War and Huntresses. He slowed down his expansion but he kept suppressing on Lyn, and this let Lyn suffering in the game.

In the first set of LR, Lawliet hid from the Blade Master in the early stage, and then, the Keeper of the Grove stole the Creep Camp beside the Gold Mine near the Orc and he reached level 3 very soon. After Lawliet upgraded Tier 2 tech, his troops were everywhere. Meanwhile, the troops made the Shadow Hunter did not dare to go out to leveling before the Shaman army was formed. Lyn also scouted for the Lawliet’s expansion all the time. However, Lawliet built the base at a very strange position, and he cleverly fooled his opponent’s eyes and ears.

In the mid game, Lawliet sense that Lyn’s creeping and he went for a creep jack. Lyn was completely surround by the Huntresses. And Lawliet even grabbed the Zeppelin. After the Shadow Hunter was killed, Lawliet was having a very huge advantage, and he even had a Zeppelin show. What a terrible game for Lyn.

And the last two sets…

In the second set on TR, Lyn finally recovered got back this familiar timing. The Far Seer and TC combo was unstoppable. Lawliet didn’t have any mistake in his micro, he even once surrounded the TC and saw the hope of victory. Unfortunately, the Night Elf without the expansion was still unable to withstand attrition battle. Finally, Lyn struggled to regain a set.

In the last match on CH, Lyn used SH and Pit Lord combo again, but he still did not solve the survival problem of the SH in the early stage. The SH was being chased by KotG all the way, wasting a TP and he also delayed the leveling time. When the Orcs reached 50 supply, the Night Elf was already mining with 2 Gold Mines, and 70 supply. At last, Lyn had no choice and he typed out GG.

"I must win this time!"

When eer0 said "I must win this time," The audiences clapped their hands. We’ve never seen that eer0 so serious, seems that he really wanted to take down Moon and fight for his fans.

Unfortunately, who err0 was facing in this time, is the most terrible Moon. In the first set on EI, Moon still used the Huntresses to start the game for his opponent. 120 was afraid to the opponent’s Wisps, so he could only choose to upgrade his tech to tier 3. However, Moon’s leveling with a really good plan. In the final battle, he had trained his Alchemist to level 3, and the level 2 Acid Bomb made eer0 so suffering. When eer0 was facing the mass Faerie Dragons, there was no space to let him to micro his Crypt Fiends. 120 was being chasing all the way back to home, and lost the game at last.

In the second set of LR, it’s the same story as the first one. Even worse, eer0 missed a few Death Coil in the fight. This mistake directly led to the loss. After Moon’s clever and good fight, eer0 lost the series. Since the patch 1.30, eer0 still hasn’t win a single series on Moon.

H&W: Games today. (No spoiler)

The games were started at 12:00pm (UTC+8) today. It’s same as yesterday, considering some of the people haven’t watch the game yet, we keep the result first and share the video for you right here.

Sam Cup is coming!

Sam Cup #8 will be held at 8th June, and here are the information to register the game.

  • If you want to sign up tha game, leave a comment(Netease nickname, Race) on discord(
  • or, you may direct message to the organizer on Twitch(kimchoonsam) or Netease(Iamanoob).
  • Players must add accounts(Iamanoob) to get guided on Netease.
  • Deadline is Saturday, 8 June 19:30 KST (UTC + 09:00).

Additionally, we will have SAM CUP #10, the prizes of #10 will be higher than the previous SAM CUPs! If you want to know more information, please click this Link to the website.

WGL European will be continued today, Foggy drops to the Lower Bracket!

Yesterday night, we had the WGL European Qualifier, and Happy finally played in WGL again. Meanwhile, Foggy was defeated in the first round and dropped into the Lower Bracket.

Actually, even if Foggy doesn’t qualify in this qualifier, he can also try to get points to win the quota with a different way.

According to the news from War3station, Foggy is ranking 11th with 25 points at the current standings of WGL points system. Apart from the first 4 Korean players and the first 6 Chinese players, Foggy is only two points behind Sok, and 7 points behind Lawliet. Let us mention again that, there are 2 open quotas (unlimited nationality) after the National and Regional quotas. As long as he has good results in the last monthly qualifier, it is possible for him to land on the Offline event.