Infi and Colorful played in The King of Map feat LT as a team, and this was a funny moment between them.

**Yong Yun is Colorful's name.

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At Oct 21st night (GMT+8), WGL'18 Oct Qualifier Preliminaries had been finished. In Group D, Zhouxixi, So, Soin, Linguagua(林呱呱) are qualified and move to the group stage.

At the same time, Season mode 2018 season three also settled, and this is the ranking of the WGL right now.

Ranking  |  ID |  ID on N.Ease  | Nationality|Race| Score

Without the scores from Season Mode and Oct qualifier, this would be the final ranking and scores probably. According to the format, the first 18 players will be qualified to the WGL Winter offline tournament.

From an objective perspective, the first 14th players have already gotten the ticket to Shanghai, and 120 got the scores from 5 seasons (Season Mode), so he may be in Shanghai probably. Since WFZ has given up the chance, we have 3 slots are not confirmed yet.

According to the ranking, pcg123, Linguagua(林呱呱), Sini, BO, WhO are having the biggest chance to get the three slots, meanwhile, three of them are qualified in WGL'18 Oct qualifier Preliminaries, and move to the group stage, which means, whoever will qualified, he will take the last chance to the Shanghai, we believe that's why we have 24 slots for WGL.

Match up of Group Stage

The interesting ranking battle is coming soon, let's watch the games in this weekend together!