[ANNOUNCEMENT] Yule Cup! TH000, Moon, 120 will play in this tournament!

Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Douyu Yule Cup, a tournament hosted by Douyu, and organized by OBGAME, War3station, which will be held from March 11th to March 23rd. The 16 players from China, Europe and South Korea will once again gather together to compete for the championship of the first major tournament after 2019 Chinese New Year.

In the last Lunar Year, Douyu hosted the DSL, Yule Cup Races War and Thunder&Fire Cup. Among these tournament, the Thunder&Fire Cup's final, the performance by TH000 is the most memorable, in the absence of optimism, TH000 miraculously defeated the unbeatable Moon with 4 -2 and won the championship, he let people saw the efforts of the Human players.

In the new patch, can the Orcs reverse the situation in the game against Night Elves? Can the Undeads become the King again? Can the Human beat Night Elf again? Let's watch the games in the coming March.

There will have 16 players in the tournament, 12 of them will be directly invited, and the other 4 will be decided by the audition(qualifier).

Invitation list:
China: RW.Infi, RW.Fly100%, RW.TH000,, Newbee.eer0, WFZ, Colorful
Europe: Foggy
Korea: Moon, Newbee.Lyn, Newbee.LawLiet, FoCuS, mTw.Lucifer


Bo3(Best of 3), single elimination, the first 4 players advance to the Group stage.

Group stage: 
Bo3, double elimination, the top two players advance to the quarterfinals.

Playoffs(Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Grand Finals): 
Bo5, single elimination, Grand Final will be Bo7.


**The Audition may be finished in one day, this is still being discussed by organizers and players.

Prizes Pool

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